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ESPN College Gameday in Madison - What's Your Sign?

1,034,234 marriage proposals already and counting.
1,034,234 marriage proposals already and counting.

As y'all know by now, ESPN's College Gameday Crew will be in Madison for the Nebraska - Wisconsin game. Given the  numbers of Nebraska fans expected to attend, there should be a good turnout. There's been plenty of discussion about wearing black and representing the Huskers, but I have seen little mention of what fans plan to do for College Game Day. 

Bottom line - Husker Nation fans need some good sign ideas, and the good users of Corn Nation are just the kind of people to come up with them. Consider this an "open thread" of ESPN College Gameday Sign Ideas, then, and get to it! 

A couple tips - Erin Andrews has already had over a million marriage proposals, so "Marry Me Erin" has already been done plenty of times and if I don't see at least one "Sexy Rexy" sign, I'm going to be very disappointed. 

Let's come up with some great ideas!