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Opposite Media Day

Remember when you conjured up Opposite Day? You know, that day when you'd have cereal for dinner or claim you were going to walk backwards the whole day? No? That was just me? Well, seeing as though I don't have a better lead for this premise, I'll just move on to Opposite Media Day.

Bo: Sorry I'm late guys. These brownies took a little longer than I had anticipated. Help yourself. I know you guys were working late in Laramie, so this is just my way of saying thanks.


Tom Shatel: (already with a mouth full of brownie) Thoughts on Wyoming?

Bo: Oh, you know...we weren't really concerned about Wyoming. I mean, they're technically a D-1...I'm sorry...FBS school, but I mean it's Wyoming. Why the heck do you think we were experimenting on defense? Do you think I'd do that this week? 

Steven M. Sipple: What can you tell us about team injuries? Is your team healthy going into this weekend's game? 

Bo: What do you want to know? Dennard is still about 60%. I know I told you that he's ready to go, but you saw what I saw.  He's still kinda limping around. Hell, I'd take Dennard at 60% than I would some of our younger corners.  Hey, let me ask you guys something. Who misses Marvin Sanders? Is it just me?

(All hands go up)

Bo: That's kind of what I thought. We sat Crick out because one of Sark's cheap shot artists gave him a mild concussion. He'll be good to go on Saturday. That is, until he stops clucking like a chicken every time the microwave goes off.

Sam McKeown: How big is this game for you and how perfect does your team have to play? 

Bo: I'm not gonna lie, Sammy? Can I call you Sammy? It's a big game. Huge. We've been focused on this game since they released the schedule. The first 4 games this year? Tune ups for this one. I guarantee we'll be ready to play. I'm not gonna lie, we're going to have to have a perfect game. If you haven't noticed, we're a little wobbly on defense right now. Carl and I are going to have some late nights this week figuring out how to stop these guys.

Dirk Chatelain: Can we be Facebook friends?

Bo: Absolutely, Dirk. Is that it guys? Are we done? I could stick around a few more minutes if you have any questions. No? Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go reply to some message board postings.