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Cobs of the Week: Maryland, Versus, Minnesota, Indiana, and Mike Locksley

I tried to nominate Jon for this week's Cobs of the Week for spending his whole weekend in Wisconsin, trying to fix computers that had been filled with Leinenkugels, Velveeta, and Usingers' bratwurst. But everybody else said no; they all said I was just jealous he didn't bring back any leftovers.

So fine. Here are the others candidates this week for the worst in college football. See if I care.

Maryland. It's one thing to try and out-ugly Oregon in the uniform game. It's another thing to play like you look: losing 38-7 to Temple. Temple built a 31-0 halftime lead without a single Maryland turnover either. That's being dominated like the laughingstocks the Terrapins new uniforms have made themselves...

Versus crew. First, Shaun King. He want way past the "bromance" phase with Wyoming's QB. Second, if I took a drink for every time I heard the phrase "true freshman quarterback" from either King or former Iowegia quarterback Paul Burmeister, I'd have been dead by the end of the 1st. Hmmm... if Versus ever televises another game worth watching, maybe the Shaun King Drinking Game might catch on.

Minnesota. For losing to 1-AA North Dakota State and Craig Bohl. Again. This play at the end of the first half sums up the game for the Goofers.

Indiana. Nice comeback against Dan McCarney's North Texas squad...but Kathy Ireland's field goal was the difference.

What do you mean that was just a movie? You mean that clip wasn't really from the BTN highlights? Dang.

Mike Locksley. What a weekend for Locksley. First, New Mexico State lost to 1-AA Sam Houston State 48-45 in overtime. Before the game, one of the recruits on a visit gets arrested for aggravated DWI just outside the stadium. In Locksley's car. Yeah, you guessed it. Locksley is now the former New Mexico State coach.