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Nebraska - Wisconsin: Enough With The Black Already

I am going to the Wisconsin game. It's always been a goal of mine to get to a game at Camp Randall, and it will finally be realized this coming weekend. I'm still amazed that it will be against Nebraska, still trying to grasp the concept that we're in the Big Ten, but that makes it all the sweeter. 

My cousin Todd, who'll be coming up from western Nebraska, will be going with me. I bought our tickets through our new ticket partner, TiQiQ, if for no other reason than to see how good the service is and what the experience is like. I'll let you know as the tickets arrive. 

Todd and I talked on the phone yesterday, getting some more planning together, what hotel we're staying at, where we wanted to sit, etc. etc. and then the conversation devolved into fashion. Somewhere along the line, this happened:

"What are you wearing?" 

"I think I'm going to go ahead and wear red. I don't like the idea of standing out amongst a bunch of Wisconsin fans that have been drinking for 10 hours straight."

"I'm wearing black."


"Yea, you're supposed to wear black." 

"Yea, I know, but... you know, there's probably not a lot of difference between a night game at Wisconsin and being in Wisconsin, them sunsabitches are drinking all of the time anyway. It'll be in the 40s, probably, you have black clothes for that?" 

"blah de blah red and black and cold weather and more discussion about clothing...." 

How the hell does this conversation even occur amongst fully grown men? HOW? Do people really give a shit what someone wears to a football game? Is it that big a deal? 

What I'm really wondering is this - if I decide to wear red if for no other reason than because that's what I own, how many Nebraska fans are going to give me crap about it because we have this constant battle of oneupmanship that happens as we try to prove we're better fans than the Nebraska guy standing next to us. 

And then there's the constant worry over black helmets, black uniforms, blah de blah. I'll admit, I don't get the fascination, but you know damned well there's going to be more photoshopped helmets and uniforms coming out this week if for no other reason than the media knows that it can drive fans into a frenzy which means driving more hits to the web sites. 

Here's the bottom line. My decision on what color I'll be wearing will be a game day decision. It'll probably be whatever I happen to grab at the time. 

And I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about the Huskers taking the field in anything other than black. At least... I hope that's the case (says the guy yanking your chain again about black uniforms). Seriously - do you really Nebraska football players acting like this over their uniforms, or do you want them focusing on destroying Wisconsin's offense? 

This weekend sets up to be one helluva event. Nebraska's first Big Ten game ever, under the lights between two top ten teams. ESPN's College Gameday will be there (honestly, not that I care all that much about that either but what the heck). 

I hope the time spent this week worrying about fashion is kept to a minimum.