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2011 College Football Rankings: Blogpoll Draft Ballot Week 5

A fair amount of changes in this week's Blogpoll Top 25. 

First of all, I'm moving LSU to #1. They've beaten three ranked teams, all on the road. That's a much more impressive resume that anyone else has put together, and it's hard to justify ranking them (as I have) below Oklahoma, Alabama and Boise State. Fact is, I didn't think they were that good. I was wrong. 

The rest of the top five simply move down a slot. It's not that they're bad, it's just they ain't played the teams LSU has, and I think having the guts to schedule tough teams ought to be worth something. 

Wisconsin moves to fifth, setting up a massive show down with Nebraska next weekend in Madison. It ain't like we don't know about how huge that game is. 

I was somewhat surprised with Oklahoma State's win over Texas A&M. First of all, Texas A&M collapsed, although maybe that's not unexpected. I did say earlier these teams are in the unique situation that one of them has to step up and fill the void left by Texas as being the Big 12's second-best team. I had previously underrated Oklahoma State. 

Complete rankings after the jump. Feeback required!