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Friday Night Open Thread - It's Team 1 vs Team 2 Time!

WOohoooo! Welcome to the Friday night Football THREAD/EXTRAVAGANZA/PARTY/SLEEOPOVER!!!

Should be a great game tonight between TEAM1 and TEAM2 on TVCHANNEL at TIME. Another barn burner, finishing in three overtimes with UNDERDOG TEAM coming back to win late just like always! 

I can't wait to see how TEAM1's STAR OFFENSIVE PLAYER does against TEAM2's STAR DEFENSIVE PLAYER. You know, TEAM1'S player is RUSHING/THROWING the ball really well, ranked NATIONAL RANKING nationally. Look for him to have YARDAGE/RECEPTIONS/TOUCHDOWNS, although TURNOVERS/MEDICAL ISSUES may be a problem that keeps his numbers down. 

Can't wait to see FEMALE SIDELINE REPORTER in action, either. Unfortunately ANNOYING ANNOUNCER GUY#1 is doing the game, you know, the guy who always hates Nebraska, so you might want to have plenty of ALCOHOL/DRUGS/A NYMPHOMANIAC on hand to help you get through the game. 

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