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2011 College Football Predictions & Thread - Week 4

Mike: Good golly...except for our old friends from the Big XII, this is a horrible week of football.

Jon: Maybe that’s a good thing as I’m involved in a network restructuring that may take a lot of my Saturday. I really want to see that Oklahoma State - Texas A&M game but the chances right now don’t look so good. Oklahoma - Missouri could be intriguing, although probably not. LSU at West Virginia and Arizona State vs USC are the games I'll be watching. If I can. Oh... and Nebraska. That's a given, right?

Consider this your predictions thread! And whatever else you want to make it today!

Colorado (+10) at Ohio State

Jon: Ohio State suffered quite a beat down against Miami last weekend. Can you imagine the howling if Colorado were to win? Unfortunately, Buffie doesn’t have the speed of the Hurricanes. Nor the power. Ohio State 21, Colorado 10

Aaron: 5-0 last week. It will probably be the only time I get them all right so I’m gonna toot my own horn. Toot. Ok. Let’s see what we have this week? God, I knew you would have me pick the OSU Colorado game. I’d love to go with the Buffaloes, but I can’t. OSU has no offense but CU isn’t going to score much on their defense. So let’s say OSU 17, CU 6.

Husker Mike: It’s a principle thing... No way I can pick Colorado in this one. Yes, the Buckeyes looked pathetic last week. They’ll bounce back big time. Bucknuts 31, Buffies 9

Andy: Buckeyes create the illusion, for a week at least, that things aren’t all THAT bad. OSU 24 Buffs 10

Kansas State (+12) at Miami-Florida

Aaron: I wonder if Bill Synder is actually upset that the Big XII didn’t fall apart. I think he was looking forward to playing all those Mountain West opponents every year. This is an intriguing game because I could see Miami have a letdown. I think Kansas State keeps it close, but Miami gets their act together late and beats the Wildcats. Miami 31, Kansas State 17.

Husker Mike: I bet Bill Snyder thought that he had scheduled Miami-Ohio. Imagine the surprise when he sees palm trees as the plane lands. Miami 28, Kansas State 7

Jon: Kansas State barely has an offense, ranked 97th nationally. How do you think they’ll do against a fast Miami defense? Not well. Interesting, though, Kansas State is tops in total defense nationally. Sound great? Well, they played Eastern Kentucky, and Kent State so far. Kent State is averaging 158.3 yards per game. Total offense. That’s horrible (although not as horrible as Florida Atlantic’s dead last by a long ways 92.5 yards per game). Miami scores in the 20s, relaxes. Miami 28, Kansas State 10

AK: Damn, Mike already took my theory. How many calls do you think Snyder had KSU make to the ‘Cane athletic department trying to buy out this one & get Catawba St. or Amherst in there as a replacement? ‘Canes 30 Kitties 10

Missouri (+22) at Oklahoma

Aaron: I still don’t think Missouri has much of a team this year. Sooners roll at home. Oklahoma 55, Missouri 13

Husker Mike: Sooners remember what happened last year in Columbia. Not happening again. Especially since it’s in Norman. Boomer! 45, Z(ero) O(hhhhhhh!) U(h oh) 3

Jon: I’d like to think that Missouri stands a chance against Oklahoma, if only to make for a better game. Others have mentioned that home field advantage for Oklahoma, and that’s a big deal. Missouri, not enough defense, not enough offense. Oklahoma 38, Missouri 17

AK: Payback time. Is Chase Daniel available to stand on the Mizzou sideline being chubby and looking miserable? Sooners 35 Tiggers 17

Oklahoma State (+4) at Texas A&M

Aaron: Well, we get to find out which team is for real. I think it’s A&M. A few key turnovers prove to be the difference. Aggies 34, Cowboys 31

Husker Mike: What if they are both frauds? In which case, who’s the lesser fraud? In my book, that’s Okie State. Cowboys 35, Aggies 21

AK: Can we get Texas Tech involved here in some sort of twisted Guns Up 3-way shoot-out? Because a score like 56-47-42 would be, like, so cool. (heh-heh, I said "3 way")
OSU 42 aTm 34

Jon: The most intriguing thing about this game? Both of these teams are perennial wannabes, but the winner of this game gets a springboard to a higher ranking and more prestige, not that those count for anything with Oklahoma sitting at the top of the conference (and as if I had to point out - lack of a conference title game). The winner? I have to believe it will be the team that can run the ball successfully and for that I’m going with the Aggies. Cyrus Gray, Christine Michael - too much for an Okie State defense that’s 83rd nationally against the run. Expect a fun game, though! Texas A&M 38, Oklahoma State 35

Arkansas (+12.5) at Alabama

Aaron: Both schools have been feasting on cupcakes so far this year. Now they both get to prove if they have what it takes to win the SEC west. Alabama’s defense should be able to keep Arkansas in check. Alabama 28, Arkansas 17.

Husker Mike: Ahh, how fortunes have turned in Arkansas. Houston Nutt is on the hot seat at Ole Miss, while Nutt’s replacement in Hog Heaven, Bobby Petrino, was a big upgrade. But not that big of an upgrade. Tide Roll 31, Pig Sooie 13

Jon: Alabama 23-1 in last 24 home games. Honestly, I don’t think you have to say more than that. Alabama 24, Arkansas 10 (oh, look, they cover)

AK: This is one of those match ups that reminds me of the famous Brian Bosworth line from the wee hours of a multi-overtime Arkansas - Kentucky matchup: "Well, it looks like the country’s moonshine deliveries will be late tomorrow." Brian Bosworth, unappreciated comic genius.
Alabama 35 Ark-trino 17

LSU (-5.5) at West Virginia

Aaron: So they have these shirts in Morgantown that the Administration hates. I think that after Saturday, Tiger fans will be saying we beat West &)*)#*$ Virginia. LSU 24, WVU 13

Husker Mike: I’m not sure I get the love for West Virginia this season. It’ll be wild before the game, but not afterwards. Reality sucks, doesn’t it? LSU 31, West Virginia 10.

Jon: I’m with Mike on this. I don’t get the play on West Virginia unless people are up on Dana Holgerson. LSU defense smashes Mountaineers, couches burned, much whiskey drank. Seriously - LSU’s defense = scary good. LSU 17, West Virginia 13

AK: This is the 3rd ranked team that LSU has played in 4 weeks and I’m still not sold on Jarret Lee on the road.. If I have to pick one upset this week, there’s worst places to do it than in front of a bunch of hopped up mountain folk in Morgantown. WVU 27 LSU 19

Notre Dame (-6.5) at Pitt

Aaron: I’d love to see the Irish melt down here after their big win last weekend, but it’s not gonna happen against a mediocre Panthers team. Notre Dame 35, Pitt 21

Husker Mike: Ah, another one of those neutron bomb games where I don’t want anybody to win and everybody to look horrible. How will Pitt respond to last week’s meltdown in Iowa City? Notre Dame 27, Pitt 17

AK: I’ll actually pick another upset just for the simple reason that picking Notre Dame to win at anything is akin to shaving my balls with sandpaper. I’d rather be completely wrong than find myself cheering for the Irish just to validate my prognostication abilities. I’m very experienced & comfortable with being wrong. Any embarrassment on that end is more than offset by the possible joy of another Irish disappointment. (Yes, I know the last 23 years is chock full o’ them, but they never get old.) Pitt 23 Irish 16

Jon: Hmmmm... I can see that some of you become very emotionally involved at your picks. I do not. The key to being successful at these picks is being a machine, which I do. Unfortunately, I still suck at it. Notre Dame more points than a sucky Pitt team. Oh, like 24-7.

USC (+1.5) at Arizona State

Aaron: I’m buying into USC more than ASU. This is one of those 7:15 Pacific kick-off times. I still don’t understand how Larry Scott got such a great TV deal when most of the country is asleep when the PAC-12 kicks off their best games. USC 31, ASU 30

Husker Mike: After getting Zooked last week, the Sun Devils will be more than ready for this one. Devils 28, Trojans 24

AK: Meh. Sun Devils 27 Trojans 24

Jon: I think this game is interesting. I don’t care for either coach - Dennis Erickson or Lane Kiffin - but I’ll be watching this to see what teams show up. The Illinois loss had to be a huge letdown for Arizona State, and USC, well, they still don’t have a lot more to play for than pride. Who cares? I’ll go with

Nebraska (-24) at Wyoming

Aaron: Game of the week. I decided this morning that I was going to hop in the car and head out to Laramie for this one. Hope I get a ticket. If not, at least I’ll have a car to sleep in. Nebraska 52, Wyoming 24

Husker Mike: More people might do that if they realize that their cable company doesn’t carry Versus. Fortunately, my provider does. Return of Dennard should mean more than the loss of Crick. But let’s not forget that while Wyoming is 3-0 they easily could be 1-2. Huskers 45, Cowboys 10

Jon: I don’t have the level on Dish Network to get Versus. Oh well. I wouldn’t be surprised by a slow start - last week’s game had the offense looking much better, but I’m still not convinced. OTOH, the Huskers have been scoring a lot of points through three games. Nebraska 48, Wyoming 21

AK: Unless someone pisses bird flu in the team’s OJ before breakfast, this should be a highlight reel affair...unless the ‘Skers decide to not give a rip and make this South Dakota St. 2011 version. Here’s to hoping we took care of that against Fresno. Carnes and the triplets get to spend the 4th quarter dazzling a little. NU 59 Wyoming 17

EDIT: Alright. I cleaned up the story a bit. Let's have some fun with Jon and this new poll. --Aaron