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Corn Flakes: Would have hired Devaney

CORN FLAKES IS LATE!!!!(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
CORN FLAKES IS LATE!!!!(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey all, some links to get you through your Friday.

I like most everyone else is really looking forward, nervously to next weeks game. At least the Huskers will get to play on the road, well sorta, seeing as half the stadium maybe red.


PREVIEW CFN Preview - Nebraska at Wyoming

What Will Happen: After about a quarter of euphoria and hopes for one of the strongest wins in Wyoming history, reality will set in. The Nebraska running game will work with Martinez and Burkhead each running for 100 yards and controlling the clock throughout. Smith will have a big game and will get Husker fans freaking out about what Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson might do next week, but it won’t be enough.

Game News and awesome stiff after the jump.


Practice report: Alfonzo Dennard is ready to roll; Crick's status uncertain

Notes: Less yellow for Big Red this season -

The 13 flags have cost the Huskers 118 yards, an average of 39.3 a game. NU was penalized an average of 70.9 yards a game in 2010.

The B1G New Coach Report, Week 3

Big Ten Thursday mailbag - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

You're correct in criticizing the Badgers' schedule, Mac. Wisconsin hasn't had to break too much of a sweat, and the Nebraska game will bring a huge step up in competition level. The reason I still like this team, however, is the way in which they've beaten their first three opponents. The offense is mind-numbingly efficient, and the defense has steadily improved. There have been no hiccups or scares like other teams have experienced. I'd be more skeptical if we'd never seen this from the Badgers, but since they went to the Rose Bowl last year, we can trust that this team is actually really good. How good? Ask me next Saturday night.

Lessons Fresno State can learn from Husker fans - Kearney Hub: Opinion

No. 10. They wear red. All 86,000 people in the stadium. Lesson: We’re just like them. Loyal, proud fans who want the world to know it. We’re part of the Bulldog family. It’s fun, it impresses and maybe intimidates opponents. And a sea of red looks great on national television.


Fate Took Devaney to Wyoming Instead of Missouri - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

"They promised me the job at Missouri," Devaney said, adding that Faurot, the athletic director whose name still graces Mizzou's home field, told him: 'The job's yours. Just go home, get your staff organized, and we'll call you.' I started asking people about going down to Columbia with me, and I never heard from Faurot again, so I called him. He said, 'Oh, there's nothing to worry about; just get your staff together.'"

Remembering Bob Devaney - Houston Chronicle

UW would go on to have success in the post-Devaney era as Eaton became one of the most successful coaches in Cowboy's history, compiling a record of 57-33-2 in his nine years in Laramie. Eaton also led the Pokes to a Sun Bowl victory in 1966 and UW's most prestigious bowl appearance in the 1968 Sugar Bowl where the Pokes were edged out by Louisiana State University in the Tigers backyard in New Orleans, 20-13


From the Laramie Wal-mart – Go Big Red!

Interesting photo. - JJ