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Thursday Night Open Thread & Dan Beebe Resigns From Big 12

Welcome to Thursday night football! Tonight's game features a match up with national title implications as North Carolina State battles Cincinnati in a war that cries out - HOLY COW, I FORGOT THESE TWO SCHOOLS HAVE FOOTBALL TEAMS!!!

The game starts at 7:00 pm on ESPN. Over on ESPNU you have Hampton at Bethune Cookman at 6:30 pm, which could be interesting only if the other game isn't. 

OH BUT THURSDAY NIGHTS ARE FOR CURRENT EVENTS! And the most current of events that you care about right now is that Dan Beebe has resigned from the Big 12

A source close to the process told The Dallas Morning News' Chuck Carlton that Dan Beebe has resigned as Big 12 commissioner, effective immediately.

Which, of course touched off a long line of rambling doosies from a @DanBeebe on twitter. Samples? You want samples? 

Dan Beebe Twitter Rant
Dan Beebe Twitter Rant

Now...  those are completely uncalled for. WHAT IS DAN BEEBE'S FUTURE? DISCUSS! (Oh and Missouri is deciding whether or not to stay in the Big 12. I think. It's easy to forget about Missouri.)

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