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Has OU and the rest of the Big XII lost all it's leverage against Texas? They still have one more missile they can fire.

With the PAC-12 releasing a statement saying that they have decided not to expand at this time, what happens next? Does the Big XII just move on, live with it and hope things get better? Oklahoma started making demands yesterday about changes they would like to see if they are to stay in the Big XII. With the Sooners losing their opportunity for the PAC-12, has Oklahoma lost all of it's leverage against Texas? Do they just have to bend over and take it from the Longhorns now?

Things can change in the Texas Conference. They can get better. Stability can be achieved. It's very simple really. Remake the the Texas Conference and call it the "Big XII Conference."

Vote Texas out.

Texas seems to be holding all the cards, but the Longhorn Network is like holding the King of Hearts in a game of Hearts". It's likely going to win you a trick, but if you want to shoot the moon, it will burn you if you don't also hold the Ace of Hearts. What if the remaining Big XII teams kicked Texas out? That would leave:

Oklahoma State
Kansas State
Iowa State
Texas Tech

TV execs wouldn't like to see the Longhorns go. There would likely be less $$$ for the Big XII because of this move. From an academic standpoint, universities like to be associated with UT. Recruiting might also take a hit. But stability could be achieved. Revenue sharing could be equal. The conference could create their own conference network. It would be easier to invite other schools to join the league if the cancer was gone. And most importantly, it's really the only leverage move the remaining Big XII schools have left over Texas.

The PAC-12 would not take them.

"After careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference," Scott said in the statement. "While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture of equality that we are committed to preserve."

Asked about Texas during Sunday’s announcement of ACC expansion, Swofford declined comment and later called the ACC’s equal revenue-sharing model "sacred," a stance that could make it difficult for the league to add Texas and its 20-year, $300 million agreement with ESPN for the Longhorn Network to its inventory of schools.
Do you think the Big Ten is going to allow the Longhorn Network?

If the Big XII kicks out UT, where are they going to go? Independent? The Big East? The Mountain West? Conference USA? That Network is so precious to them, but it could potentially keep them out of a BCS conference for their non-football sports. They will need a conference for those sports. Right now William Powers and DeLoss Dodds are smoking a stogie because they think that they hold all the cards. They got to keep their network and the Big XII together. They think that the Big XII will survive because no one will leave. No one can leave. Even now they are spinning stories about how they will listen to equal revenue sharing ideas? Does this include sharing LhN revenue? Probably, not. They are going to meet and talk about it. If I'm Oklahoma or Missouri, I don't budge. Fair and equal or nothing.

If Texas is gone, the Big XII all-of-a-sudden becomes a conference with AQ status and full of people that want to work together to make things successful. Deep down, I believe that the majority of schools in the Big XII genuinely want to work together and build a great conference. A regional conference is best for everyone in the Big XII. No one wants to travel to the east coast or west coast on a regular basis. The conference would take an initial hit by losing Texas, but it would solidify things and allow the Big XII to move on.

Oklahoma and Missouri could possibly still head for the SEC, but the Big XII can survive and it can be a great conference. It just needs stability. It needs people that can work together. The dismissal of Dan Beebe is step one. It doesn't matter whether you think it's his fault or if he was just a pawn/scapegoat, the Big XII needs a fresh start. Dumping Texas would have a short-term negative effect on the Big XII, but that will improve over time. Recruiting ties can be kept in the state of Texas if you bring in another school (or two) from the Longhorn State. Solidify the Big XII North by adding a Boise State. Create an equal revenue distribution program for television rights and develop a conference television network with equal revenue sharing. Make it seem like, you know, a conference.

All it would take would be for Oklahoma to get everyone else in line and stand up to UT. Heck, maybe they will get UT to back down on their Network and go along with things if it means conference isolation for the Longhorns. In an ideal world, the threat of giving Texas the boot is just the leverage that the remaining Big XII members need to get UT to share. Ideally, you wouldn't want to kick them out of the conference, just let them know that it could be done.