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Cob Of the Week: Cy's Broken Arm, Tulsa AD Bubba Cunningham, Matt Millen, and KU's Defense

Not sure what games you watched last weekend, but there were some pretty unstellar performances in the early match-ups, particularly amongst the teams in our new conference.

Penn State had to rally late (really late) to keep from losing to Temple for the first time since 1941, while Iowa had to come back against a below average Pitt team. Watching Penn State's offense is like watching someone go through a Chinese water torture only to discover you're looking in the mirror and there's no way to change the channel. At least Iowa gave us a decent fourth quarter.

After the jump are this week's nominees, and of course, the poll.

Husker Mike:

My only nomination would be Tulsa Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, who made the decision to resume pregame warmups just prior to midnight so the Oklahoma State - Tulsa game kicked off around 12:15 am. It ended at 3:32 am locally. Even college football fans in Honolulu didn't want to stay up to watch the game. When it became clear that the parade of storms wasn't going to end anytime soon, just send the players and fans away for the night and bring everybody back on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a good night's sleep.


Aaron nominates UConn fans, for allegedly being responsible for breaking the arm of the guy who wears the Iowa State "Cy" mascot costume:

Iowa State student Zane Brugenhemke, who identified himself on his Facebook page as the mascot who was injured, said he was pushed by some UConn fans.

"Fan pushed me out of the stands ... eight foot drop onto concrete," Brugenhemke wrote on Facebook, adding that he fractured his left ulna and radius. He said he's scheduled to have surgery Sunday.


I vote Millen for his crimes against football. First the Lions, and now his announcing. Was Washington QB Keith Price his son? Did he long to have romantic relations with him? At least that would explain the slobbering over Price Millen did during the game. Add to this his complete breakdown of how Washington was going to make their comeback down 38 to 51 with 2:51 remaining and he deserves my Cob of the Week.

Jon Johnston:

I thought about nominating Penn State for their atrocious offense, and Iowa for having to come back against Pitt, but unfortunately, the real bad performance of last week is a pretty easy choice. It goes to Turner Gill's Kansas Jayhawk team, specifically the defense, for giving up 768 total yards to Georgia Tech. To make matters worse, Gill's team allowed Georgia Tech to set a new NCAA record for average per carry, as the Jayhawks gave up 604 yards on 50 attempts, allowing for a 12.1 yard per carry average.

Looking at the box score, Georgia Tech's rushers had longs of 95, 63, 35, 21, 30, 36, and 28 yards. 12 players carried the ball. What - did they play a team manager or two?