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Nebraska Official Depth Chart Released for UTC Chattanooga Game

How 'bout that! Nebraska has officially released a depth chart for the Tennessee Chattanooga game! 

You know what that means? We officially have depth! WOohoOOO!!!! 

Differences from the attempt at a Nebraska depth chart I put together a few days ago

Well, many and varied. 

First you have Senior Jermarcus Hardrick starting over Sophomore Jeremiah Sirles at left tackle. Either way you look at it, that's a nice one-two set of tackles in the rotation. Both experienced and capable. 

Left guard - Sophomore Andrew Rodriguez starting with junior walk-on Seung Hoon Choi as backup (and good for him). 

Center - no surprise - senior Mike Caputo, Cole Pensick as backup.

Right Guard - Sophomore walk-on Spencer Long gets the start with redshirt freshman Jake Cotton as backup. 

Right Tackle - Tyler Moore will be the first true freshman to start on the offensive line in an opener, ever. Senior Marcel Jones is the backup. 

If this works out, i.e., the players execute the plays, and we rotate, I like this set of players. What you see in the offensive line is some guys who have worked their asses off to get into the positions they're in. 

Mike Caputo, Seung Hoon Choi, Spencer Long, all walk-ons. THAT MEANS A LOT, A HELLUVA LOT!    

Starting Receivers - Brandon Kinnie, Quincy Enunwa, Tim Marlowe - all three experienced receivers. 

Backup Receivers - Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Kenny Bell, and Jamal Turner - all newcomers. 

Tight Ends - Ben Cotton, Kyler Reed, Jake Long - three experienced guys, you know, for heavy sets. 

Running Backs - Rex Burkhead, then you've got the magical -OR- in there for Ameer Abdullah, Braylon Heard, and Aaron Green. 


Defensive End - Jason Ankrah -OR- Eric Martin, then Joe Carter

Defensive Tackle - Jared Crick, Terrence Moore, Chase Rome

Defensive Tackle - Baker Steinkuhler, Thaddeus Randle

Defensive End  - Cameron Meredith, Josh Williams 

BUCK - Sean Fisher, Alonzo Whaley

MIKE - Will Compton, Trevor Roach, David Santos

WILL - Lavonte David, Mathew May

Dime - Justin Blatchford (whom I completely forgot before, shame on me), Lance Thorell, both experienced guys. 

Left Corner - Ciante Evans, Josh Mitchell

Safety - Austin Cassidy, P.J. Smith, Corey Cooper

Safety - Courtney Osborne - OR - Daimion Stafford

Right Corner - Alfonzo Dennard (who won't play tomorrow), Andrew Green, Antonio Bell

Special Teams

Place-Kicker - Brett Maher, Mauro Bondi

Holder - Austin Cassidy (what a versatile guy!) 

Punter - Brett Maher, Mauro Bondi 

Long Snapper - P.J. Mangieri

Returners - TBD - but you know that you'll see Jamal Turner, Ameer Abdullah, and Kenny Bell back there, right?