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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Washington Huskies - In Pictures

Once again, professional photographer Dennis Hubbard provides us with some exceptional shots of game action from last Saturday's Washington contest, along with some great shots of the game day environment. 

By now you're familiar with Husker Sombrero guy. You ain't seen nothing yet. Full photos are after the jump - they may take a while to load. 

Click any photo to embiggen - full resolution is available. 

Ameer Abdullah
Ameer Abdullah 
Jared Crick being held
A really nice shot of Jared Crick being held. You have to wonder how many photos 
look like this during the course of a game. 
Taylor Martinez
Taylor Martinez - about to psyche someone out. Maybe we should have a caption 
contest for these, eh? 
Rex Burkhead run
Sexy Rex Burkhead - he's developed beyond Superman to become "Sexy Rexy" 
here at Corn Nation. Why? Because we have women who love football. 
Jared Crick chasing Keith Price
Jared Crick about to squish Washington quarterback Keith Price
Husker Cheerleader
Gorgeous shot of a gorgeous young woman. Placed here to ready you for the next shot. 
Husker Umpa Lumpa
Uh, yeah. He should have gone ahead with white bushy eyebrows because 
this dude is all about the Umpa Lumpas. 
Either that or he's an escaped mental patient who's come up with the perfect
disguise - at least as long as it's still football season. 
Husker Cheerleader
And to ease your mind we've got another great shot of a Husker cheerleader. 
Taylor Martinez passing
Seriously, he screams when he throws the ball. 
Husker baton twirler
At one point she had 16 of them in the air. 16. 
Taylor Martinez ball security
BALL SECURITY! Apparently rolling 100 yards and puking while you're doing
it has an amazing affect on your in-game adjustments. 
Aaron Green Nebraska
Aaron Green - with two TDs on Saturday and looking good while doing it! 
Jared Crick near sack
Cameron Meredith is so close to squishing Keith Price into a tiny little ball. Maybe he's
saving it for Russell Wilson on October 1st in Madison. 
Nebraska guard Spencer Long
Guard Spencer Long - look at the lower body on that dude!
Nebraska spirit squad cheerleaders
And we finish off with more loveliness - Husker Spirit Squad or Dance Team 
or something like that. What's the difference between the different squads again?