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2011 College Football Rankings: Blogpoll Draft Ballot Week 4

Not a lot of changes at the top in this week's Blogpoll - with the obvious exception of Florida State dropping because of the loss to Oklahoma.  It's a little later than I'd like, but the final ballot is due Tuesday morning - be sure to give some feedback by then. 

Oklahoma looked pretty impressive against an improved Florida State team - the key to the Sooners being ranked #1 is that they're currently the most complete team in the nation. The Landry Jones to Ryan Broyles connection looks like a big deal, Kenny Stills comes along and decides he wants his name to be part of the conversation. 

Should LSU move ahead of Boise State?

The real questions come in at the lower ranks. I was disappointed in Michigan State's game against Notre Dame. I expected more of the Spartan offense, but that tends to be how Michigan State operates - underperforming against high expectations. 

Illinois enters the poll because of their impressive win over Arizona State. Coming into that game, I didn't think the Illini had much of a chance, having watched the Sun Devils against Missouri. Clemson's comeback against Auburn was impressive, but it was only a matter of time before Auburn lost. Texas also enters the poll because, well, hell, who else you going to rank? 

Full poll after the jump.