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Nebraska vs Washington - Postgame Overreaction


Nebraska wins 51-38. Scoring 51 surprises me - I did not think our offense had it in it.

Riddle me this, Husker fans - did you expect that Nebraska would score over 40 points a game for the first three games this season? I suspect not. It hasn't happened since, oh, 1995. (You'll see that reference everywhere - funny what an affect twitter can have on the football universe.)

The offense looked... like a formidable offense. For the first time in a while, it wasn't just Taylor Martinez. It was a group effort. Glory Glory how wonderful is that to see. This week, for the first time (and I mentioned this on the game thread), the 2011 team accomplished ACHIEVEMENT - SUSTAINED DRIVE - UNLOCKED! -which is something that a lot of Husker fans wanted to see.

Offensive line - you will learn this guy's name - Seung Hoon Choi - Nebraska's new starting left guard. There was something different about today's offensive line. It's easy to say it's the new guy that's starting, but let me tell you about offensive linemen. You put a guy in a line that's part of that unit, and that guy is known for being nasty, known for being mean, known for being f*cking tough as nails, and it changes you. It makes you want to be the same. If this was about Choi - then learn the name, ‘cause he'll start from now on. ( We easily learned Ndamukong, come on.)

With regards to the defense - we have become accustomed to having a team that can put pressure on the quarterback using the front four. That's probably an unrealistic expectation, even with Jared Crick as a defensive lineman.

The defense gave up 39 points, and a crapload of yardage.

Here's my thing with the defense. We have a really young secondary. We have to find playmakers before conference play starts. While Husker fans (like Bo Pelini said) want to see a 50-0 game, I firmly believe that Pelini is putting his secondary in tough situations to purposefully see who's going to be playing come conference season, and who isn't. Is that a reach? Maybe. Do I have any proof? No. It's just a hunch.

With regards to the game - Washington got screwed. They should have had a touchdown before the half because of a muffed punt by Tim Marlowe

Kick Catch Interference. It's as if the rest of the officiating crew wanted to teach a new member about the rule by repeatedly calling it. It could have changed the outcome of the game. Well, until you include the bobbled kickoff by Washington. That wasn't the refs.

Are Husker fans worried about that first game against Wisconsin? Yes. And they should be. Honestly, I'd chalk that one up as a loss. Wisconsin is good, it's at Camp Randall where the Badgers are 26-3 in night games.

This team has shown progression. Taylor Martinez threw the ball to a bunch of young receivers who caught the ball better than we've seen in a while. Kyler Reed's catch in the air was awesome as was Quincy Enunwa stiff-arming a potential Washington tackler into the ground. Kenny Bell can outrun nearly any defense, and while Jamal Turner isn't as explosive as Ameer Abdullah, he's clearly a playmaker.

Good times are ahead. Don't worry about losses. We're going to have some. Worry about the goal this year - win the B1G and get to the Rose Bowl. (It's still really weird to type that. I'm still freaked out by all of this.)