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2011 College Football Predictions & Thread - Week 3

It's his turn to beat the crap out of the Leprechaun.
It's his turn to beat the crap out of the Leprechaun.

Some interesting games this weekend. Other than Nebraska (of course), the big one is Oklahoma - Florida State. Your CN pickers this week are unanimous on that one, and if you look around the nation, most don't give the Seminoles much of a chance. 

Another is Michigan State - Notre Dame. The Irish are favored. Hmmmmmmm...........

Consider this your prediction thread for the weekend! 

Iowa (-3) at Pitt

Aaron: Pittsburgh. Conquering heroes against Buffalo and Maine. I'm going with the pissed off Hawkeyes big in this one. Iowa 49, Pittsburgh 24

Husker Mike: If ADSP thinks it needs a "sburgh" on the end of it, then I'm obligated to leave it off. But yes, the Hawkeyes will bounce back strong.  Iowegia 42, Pitt 17

Jon: The line is only three points, though. I don't think Iowa can store 40 points, even against Pittsburgh. Hell, Iowa came out last week for a rivalry game and got out-hustled, out-toughed, and out-scored. If they can't get up for a rivalry game - what's their season going to look like? Not good, but they'll still beat Pitt, just not overwhelmingly. Iowa 28, Pitt 21

Andy: Well, crap, I guess I'll play the devil's advocate that sez that a team that lost every meaningful playmaker from a mediocre season & dropped its opener to Iowa St. just ain't very good. Since it's just Pitt, let's say: Sons of Marino 35 Iowegia 19

Michigan State (+5.5) at Notre Dame

Aaron: 0-2 Notre Dame a 5.5 point favorite over a Michigan State team that allowed one first down and like 70 total yards last week? Someone knows something. The Irish have a lot to prove in this game and if they drop to 0-3, their season is pretty much a bust. They could (should) have won at least one of their first two games. Normally I would go with the Spartans, but I think the Irish come out playing like it's their last game. Notre Dame 42, Michigan State 28

Husker Mike: Sparty an underdog in this game? While Notre Dame knows their season is on the line, Michigan State is getting no respect here.  And Sparty is the better team by far.  Sparty 31, Amish 17

Jon: Notre Dame's season has started out horrible because of turnovers. They're not getting to a bowl game this season until they get that taken care of - that and quarterback Tommy Rees learns to look at other receivers besides Michael Floyd. Michigan State's offense has been rolling and their defense has only given up six points, and allowed Florida Atlantic onlyone first down. I don't care how upset the Irish are, they lose. Michigan State 34, Notre Dame 21

Andy: Sweet Jesus, 23 years of this shit and people still want to pretend that the Irish are relevant?? The only reason Notre Dame's favored is because there's Domer fans & grads with bushels of cash exceeded only by their detachment from reality when it comes to football. Bookies know this and adjust algorithms accordingly. Congrats, Irish you've dropped two straight to a decent South Florida team and a Wolverine squad with a fat, blustery coach headed for maybe fourth in their division. Um, a Sugar Bowl Alabama ass-kicking doesn't change the fact that Sparty is a level up from either of those slugs. Mich St 42 Rudy 21

Ohio State (-1.5) at Miami-Florida

Ohio State struggled last week against Toledo and Miami had almost two weeks to prepare for the Buckeyes. Maybe the Buckeyes were looking ahead, maybe there are other issues. The Hurricanes also get Jacory Harris back and he is going to want to atone for last years 4-interception game that pretty much gave OSU the win. Miami 31, Ohio State 17

Husker Mike: No doubt the Bucknuts were looking ahead last week. But let's not kid ourselves here.  Silver and Red Cheaters 28, Green and Orange Cheaters 24

Jon: This is a game in which we find out which team is going to stay together and which will come apart. There's a lot more pride in Columbus than there is in Miami. Watch this one for errant passing by Joe Bauserman and Jacory Harris, if for nothing else than to feel better about your quarterback throwing the deep ball. Ohio State 21, Miami 17

The Buckeyes played against Toledo like their wide-eyed, rookie coach deals with tough questions from the press...if stuttering, uncomfortable guy out of his element can describe a college football team, that is. The utterly useless Jacory Harris returns for Miami, so they're screwed as well. Much like Michigan & Notre Dame last week, two really, really mediocre teams with big frickin' names just might put on a shootout that goes to the wire. We'll pretend this one's an instant classic too. Ohio St. 47 Miami 44 in 3 overtimes.

Oklahoma (-3.5) at Florida State

Aaron: Is Florida State back? We'll find out this weekend. My guess is that they are back to last years ok-but-not-great-team. They won't look as bad as they did in Norman, but they are not ready for the big time yet. Oklahoma 37, Florida State 21

Husker Mike:  Nope.  And I think Oklahoma is ready to make a statement.  Boomer! Sooners 45, Noles 21.

Jon: It won't be the blow-out it was last year, but Oklahoma will win and move their streak to six straight over the ‘Noles. Key - how will Florida State's secondary deal with the combination of Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles? Oklahoma 31, Florida State 21

Andy: Soooo....the Semi-holes from Half-Ass U got destroyed at home last year, but they're ready to storm into Norman & make a statement?? ACC, there's a reason Texas has targeted y'all as their new bitch.
Oklahoma 41 FSU 7

Texas (-4) at UCLA

Aaron: Texas benched Gilbert this week and I think it will spark the Longhorns to victory against the hapless Bruins. Of course, the Bruins were pretty hapless last year when they beat the ‘horns on the road. Texas 28, UCLA 16

Husker Mike: Well, the haplessness applies to both teams, so that cancels each other out. Skippy vs. Mack, I'll take Mack.  Bovines 31, Bruins 24

Jon: Texas vs Rick Neuheisel. No matter who loses, I'll feel like a winner. I stayed up and watched UCLA play San Jose State last week. UCLA is abysmal. If Texas loses this game, they might as well prepare for another losing season in Austin. If UCLA loses, only Rick Neuheisel will care. Texas 34, UCLA 20

Andy: Mack vs. Ricky. If these two played a game of NCAA 2012 on Playstation, they'd each click the Lee Corso recommended play on every snap. Clap, clap, clap vs. fuck up repeatedly & lie. It'll be like watching Ronnie play the Situation in Stratego. I give the ‘Horns the edge based solely on talent recruited. Tejas 23 Juicy LA 17

Washington (+17) at Nebraska

Aaron: Wow, I remember to put my name in front of every pick this week. Go me. Nebraska has yet to cover the spread this year, and I don't think they do this week either. These two teams look a lot a like. The blackshirts are going to have to prove themselves this week because Washington is going to run right at em and the offense is going to have to try to get the ball to more of the run backs instead of relying so much on Taylor and the big play. My guess is that we still won't see the blackshirts handed out after this game. Nebraska 42, Washington 32.

Husker Mike: I've had this on my radar as a breakout game...but the Huskers have underwhelmed in their first two games. So I'm wary of calling for a break out game.  Did the offensive line finally figure it out on that last drive against Fresno State?  Let's hope so.  Huskers 28, Huskies 10.

Jon: Baby steps. Baby steps. I can see this game being a lot like last year, maybe swapping big plays through the air for Martinez on the ground. Washington will score, and the game won't be over 'til the fourth. We might as well get accustomed to that for a while. Much complaining still next week, then a mysterious dark-haired stranger comes into your life and you forget all about Husker football (AS IF, LOSER!). Nebraska 36, Washington 24

Andy: Our turn to be pissed. The offensive line grows up a little more. Kinnie plays a little less. The D bounces back because...well...does anyone seriously think they just sort of suck now? No. They don't. As much as Washington wishes it, Martinez is back at full speed and Fisher breaks out the kids much sooner to bring the Huskies out of the box. And, yes, the home crowd is ready to truly pop their cork for the 1st time this year. Let's say NU 44 Huskies 13.