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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Crush Washington To Dust

For the record, I don't see Nebraska losing to Washington. I mean, heck, when you have someone from the opposing team do a Q&A and even they pick your team to win you know you're in a pretty good spot.

Bo Pelini was right when he said there's an expectation for the team to win 50-0 every week. I don't think we'll keep Washington from scoring, so I won't be expecting 50-0. (SARCASM) 62-10 would work, though. I'd be happy with that. (SARCASM NOT REALLY OFF BUT ENDING FOR THIS PARAGRAPH.) 

The simple reason Nebraska will beat Washington is because we have more weapons in all three phases of the game. That's a big deal. And they're represented well enough amongst the five reasons we'll smash Washington into the ground and make them weep, tear their clothes and maybe even sacrifice some hippies. 

Taylor Martinez

Last year at this time we were starting to marvel at our new starting quarterback and the Washington game was when the rest of the nation took notice. This year we seem to be worried about Martinez being too much of the offense. PSHAW!

You know that Washington will want to stop Martinez from exploding for those 40+ yard runs. What they going to do about it? Not much I'd say - if you put a spy on him the only thing that'll happen is your spy gets outrun and looks silly while Martinez is on his way to the end zone.


No sugar coating - the Holiday Bowl loss was an embarrassment. The defense was humiliated, the offense hapless. If you could sum it up in one play, it'd be the one below, possibly the worst blocked play in Nebraska's history.


Now we have a rubber match game to make up for it. You think the Huskers liked getting embarrassed? You can bet that the Holiday Bowl is still fresh in the minds of the dudes wearing red (as opposed to black, which they ain't wearing, stop your wishing).

Who doesn't like revenge? Those whom are getting served! Wohooo!

Line Play

Last week the offensive line was ineffective... well, inconsistent until the fourth quarter. The offensive line has been hearing about how ineffective they've been so far this season. Washington's defensive line isn't a pushover (pancake!), and I hesitate to say that this will be a "break out" game for the line, but I have faith that this is the game in which the Huskers establish a more consistent running game with Rex Burkhead and stop leaving themselves in third and long.

The defensive line was manhandled. Not a single tackle for loss. No sacks. Perhaps that Jared Crick dude would like to make a statement this week? I think so. Look for the defense to stop Chris Polk and be hitting Keith Price on a regular basis. Look for a Cameron Meredith or Jason Ankrah sack. Heck, why stop there - how 'bout some Josh Williams and Joe Carter!



Jamal Turner. Kenny Bell. I don't think opponents are accustomed to Nebraska having guys who can run as quickly as these guys can. Just for argument's sake, let's say Washington is successful in shutting down Martinez' explosive long runs. If they're doing that, they're probably leaving their defensive backs in one-on-one coverage against the Nebraska burners.

Martinez doesn't have the pertiest throwin' motion in football, but last week he showed some pretty decent touch on his long passes. Get the timing down, and this will be a dangerous weapon for the rest of the season.

Special Teams

Ameer Abdullah's 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown was voted the top play of last week by Big Ten fans, surprising because it beat out Michigan's winning touchdown over Notre Dame. If that ain't enough, Abdullah won Big Ten Special Teams and Freshman player of the week honors. The freshman set a school record for kick return yardage in only his second game. Uh, wow?!

Special teams were supposed to be a weak link entering this season. Due to the explosive Abdullah and the consistency of Brett Maher, not only is there less to worry about, but the problem of worry has switched to our opponents.  HAHAHAHAHA!