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Nebraska Still #1.... In Ticket Prices

From our ticket partner TiqiQ comes the Top 25 ticket prices in the nation

The top three schools are unchanged. Nebraska remains at #1 with an average ticket price of $255, up 1% from last week. At #2 is Oregon at $253, up 7% this week and staying at Notre Dame despite sucking the past couple of weeks is Notre Dame at $237, up 1% over the past week (I feel like a stock broker alla the studden.) 

In further bad news for Husker fans who might want to travel to Big Ten stadiums:

4 - Penn State - $219 (+16%!),

6 - Michigan - $203 (+2%)

7 - Ohio State #7 - $199 (+6%) 

13 - Iowa (dropping from 12th last week) - $178 (+7%)

19 - Wisconsin (rising two places) - $139 (+4%)

and finally with some good news, Minnesota dropped five places to #25, coming in at $130 which is down 8% since last week. It seems to me that Minnesota will become one of Husker fans favorite destinations. While it may be a longer drive to the Twin Cities, there's certainly more offerings of things to do than were available in Lawrence, Manhattan, and Ames. (Ha!). 

This is our first year in having a ticket partner, so I can't say much about trends of past years - but I have to wonder if it's because of Nebraska's first year in the B1G and the changes that are happening that Big Ten ticket prices are so high. If anyone has any historical input, I'd be glad to hear it.