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Please, Papa, I Won't Fumble No More

Taylor Martinez during yesterday's press conference on the virtues of fumbling and what happens at Nebraska if you do:

On what the repercussions are:
"Just rolling. Pencil rolls."

On how far they have to roll:
"I think every fumble is maybe 100 yards or something. I'm not really sure. I don't know if I was the first one to fumble on the season, but we'll find out."

On if the drill is pretty nasty:
"Yeah. All you do is lay down and you keep rolling. It's pretty hard. You guys should try it."

On if he has to roll more because he had the fumble:
"We'll find out today at practice. I can't really answer that one."

On if you get dizzy:
"Yeah. Really dizzy. Try to roll 15 yards spinning in circles. It's about 100 times worse than that."

I suggest you try it too, but I'd suggest you do it somewhere that you won't be using for a while, unlike the Husker football team that is rolling on the same field that they're practicing on.

(I was going to post some youtubes of people puking, but after looking at several to find the right one, I really wasn't too keen on it anymore. Imagine that.)

False starts are way down this season. Now you know why. (And you thought linemen were dumber than the skill position guys.)

HT to CNer BillGrip for posting the link to the transcript.