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Nebraska Basketball full schedule released for 2011-12. And you thought the football lineup was tough..

In October, we'll start getting more and more into Doc's team with the season previews and such.

For now, I thought we'd just take a quick look at the Huskers schedule for 20011-12, now that the Big Ten has released schedules. Especially the meat-grinder that is the Big Ten portion. No disrespect to the Big 12, as we certainly had heavy competition there as well, but this whole thing from top to bottom is going to bring out the best or the worst in our guys. Lord help us.

Full schedule below, or...  Take a gander at what Sadler's guys have on the plate this season.

So...tell us what you think? Manageable, or just plain brutal?

I for one, am excited as hell. If it wasn't enough that Doc may finally have a seasoned group of guys who can possibly meet some of the expectations that Nebraska fans have had over the years, but to match that with a pretty legit schedule and massive exposure just makes me smile. If we don't add thousands more basketball fans as a result of this season, I'd be very surprised.

Schedule and notes after the jump:

7-Nov    Doane - Exhibition
11-Nov    South Dakota
14-Nov    at USC    none
20-Nov    Rhode Island    BTN
23-Nov    Oregon    BTN
26-Nov    SDSU
30-Nov    Wake Forest    ESPNU
4-Dec    at Creighton    none
7-Dec    Florida Gulf Coast
10-Dec    at TCU    the Mtn.
17-Dec    Alcorn State
20-Dec    Central Michigan
27-Dec    Wisconsin    ESPN
31-Dec    Michigan State    BTN
3-Jan    at Ohio State    BTN
7-Jan    at Illinois    BTN
11-Jan    Penn State    BTN
15-Jan    at Wisconsin    BTN
18-Jan    Indiana    BTN
21-Jan    Ohio State    BTN
26-Jan    at Iowa    ESPNU
2-Feb    at Northwestern    ESPNU
5-Feb    Minnesota    BTN
8-Feb    Michigan     BTN
11-Feb    at Penn State    ESPNU
18-Feb    Illinois    BTN
22-Feb    at Purdue    BTN
25-Feb    at Michigan State    BTN
Feb-29    Iowa    ESPNU
3-Mar    at Minnesota    BTN


Exposure  |

Two words - Higher Ground. If you haven't been sold on the BTN already (Hello...the UT-Chatanooga game on television??)...then this year's basketball slate will. How many basketball games per season have we been able to watch in Huskerland? Four? Five tops? And usually the big ones against KU or Mizzou or Texas...which often times resulted in losses. That's just not fun. Check this shit out:

Number of games scheduled this season - 29 (Not including the first round of the B1G Tourney - which I'm juuuust kinda thinking will be broadcast)

Number of games broadcast on either television or streamed at - 27

That's right, 93% of our games will be out there for us to watch. How cool is that? With that, the only two games not available for viewing are @ USC and  @Creighton. Head to the Qwest Center,and you can add one more to the list.

The BTN will be showing all 64 of it's conference games for the fifth straight season, and ESPN/CBS will be showing 44 conference games.

SOS  |

We may be saying that come February..but I'm talking about strength of schedule. We'll take hits yet again due to weak non-con games, but the conference portion gets a boost. The Big Ten was second only to the Big East in total RPI last year. Yippee.

-Nebraska gets home/home matchups with Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Illinois, and Penn State. All NCAA Tourney teams last year. The Huskers play a total of 12 different teams that qualified for the NCAA Tourney in 2011.

-The Big Red will play 22 of it's 29 games versus BCS schools.

-Non-con schedule once again appears to be so-so with just @USC and Rhode Island as the only solid teams on the bill. If Creighton and Wake Forest would be in their normal modes, this wouldn't be a bad schedule. Getting wins is nice, but I'm guessing we get amped up after going 10-1...just to walk into a shit-storm of better teams.

Noteable Games  |

-Like the football team, we open Big Ten play with Wisconsin, although this one's at home. (Note- The basketball season sis not structured with Leaders/Legends divisions. Scheduling format will be similar to what we had with the Big XII. We'll play seven teams twice, and four teams once.)

-Nebraska's last home game of the season will be a match up with the Hawkeyes. I'm seeing a theme here..

-That last stretch however, will be tough with 3 of 4 games on the road. If we don't take care of business before that stretch, we'll probably need a lot of help to land in the post-season.

-The Huskers first six games will be against NCAA Tournament qualifying teams from 2011. Dec 27th - Jan 15th: versus Wisconsin, MSU, tOSU, Illinois, PSU, and again at Wisconsin. Ouch!

-I don't have the total numbers yet (coming in the season preview), but I'd venture to say that the majority of schools in the Big Ten haven't played us in many many years. Like at Memorial Stadium, it's going to be really cool to see the likes of Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and others coming to "the Bob" for games.