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Corn Flakes: Nebraska - Fresno State Game Day Is Upon Us!

It's Game Day and time for our beloved Cornhuskers to reveal how much they've grown in a week! 

But, alas, the game isn't until tonight. That's okay. We'll keep you interested. We've got some links (but, unfortunately, no cats, that's Jlew's department), and we'll have an early game thread up at 11:00 am. Until then, read on!

In Defense of The Iceman, Gary Pinkel

Gary Pinkel's unusual use of timeouts against Arizona State was a defensible move.

Unless you lose, the everyone is all over your ass, especially when you've established a reputation for losing like that. Thing about it - they mention the book Scorecasting, something I should do well to remember, and icing the kicker doesn't actually work. - JJ

Did Gary Pinkel just ice his own kicker? Twice? - Dr. Saturday 


Huskers Hand Hokies First Loss in Comeback Win

Stacy Bartels' goal in the second overtime period capped a dramatic 4-3 comeback win over previously undefeated No. 25 Virginia Tech by the Nebraska soccer team on Friday night at the Hilton Garden Hokie Invitational.

The start of the season looked a little rough, but things are looking good now for Nebraska soccer. BTW, I would love it if someone would help cover sports like this for our site. With BTN's new offerings, they deserve more attention - JJ

Huskers Hold Off Saint Mary’s

The No. 11 Nebraska volleyball team prevailed 3-2 (25-13, 21-25, 25-18, 23-25, 15-13) over the Saint Mary's Gaels in front of a sold-out crowd at the NU Coliseum on Friday night to post its second win of the 2011 Ameritas Players Challenge.

Uh... uh.... I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts about Husker volleyball. I know they're young, but geez, five sets to St. Mary's? And like some of the other sports, I'd love it if someone stepped forward and covered volleyball for CN. - JJ

Beck: Offensive mistakes part of learning curve

"When you have younger guys, sometimes that’s what happens in a game," said Beck, who spoke in front of about 250 people at Omaha’s Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center on Friday morning. "When they’re young and inexperienced, you can’t say, ‘Hey, you remember last year when we played so-and-so and they did this? "That’s part of the learning curve."

So, the bottom line is that we spent the offseason hearing about how great everything was, the first game happens and things aren't so great and we spend time backpedaling. Is that Tim Beck's fault, the media's or our fault for buying into this happy happy joy joy stuff at the start of every season? - JJ 

Fresno State-Nebraska matchups
Remind me, we need to do a match up article on a weekly basis. They mention FSU's Logan Harrell, who is a really good defensive lineman. Watch that dude against our interior line. - JJ

GameDay: Fresno State @ Nebraska - Fresno State Football

Be disruptive on defense. The front seven shouldn't be overmatched against a Cornhuskers O-line that features three first-year starters, including both guards. It's the first time since 2008 Nebraska has started three underclassmen up front.

Fresno State lists their keys to success. Above? Bingo!!!! HOUSEY HOUSEY! - JJ

Big Red Breakfast: Tim Beck is his own worst critic

Beck said he cracked a joke or two. No one laughed. He went over and sat down next to running backs coach Ron Brown and told him, "Man, these guys are really nervous. They didn't even laugh at my joke." To which, Beck recalls Brown saying: "That was a joke?

It's never a good start when they don't laugh. You've only sunk them deeper into the hole they're in, and you have to work harder to get them out. Oh well, it was a win. Maybe they'll laugh this week. - JJ

Shatel: Waiting to switch to Beck delays Husker progress

But, looking back, Pelini should have sent Watson on his way after that Gator Bowl comeback. Watson was never more marketable than that moment. He was certainly a lot more appealing at that point than he was during NU's losses to Iowa State and Texas Tech in 2009, or the last two Big 12 championship games.

Ya think? - JJ

Top Five Things to Watch For Versus Fresno State

From Huskerlocker - some good points here. - JJ

California members wear Husker gear to rep their street gang

The Norteños, a Mexican street gang in northern California, have taken a liking to Husker gear. It's red -- their color -- and it usually has a big "N" -- for Norteños, in their world.

I'm not really sure what to think of this other than I don't live in Northern California.