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Big Ten Championship Trophy Shiny, Confusing

The Big Ten Championship Trophy has been revealed! 

It gives us hope! Hope that the conference can do something well when it comes to trophies! 

But it is confusing.


At one moment it appears to be shiny, which makes you want to own it as do all shiny things. 


But at the next moment, you see that it is clear!

It is a trickster, this new trophy and clearly not designed by a junior high industrial arts teacher! 


The football may be removed from it's based, and passed around, as something to be shared, much like a good ale, champagne, or other things that are to be passed around and share amongst friends (insert your own experience here). 

But there appears to be no opening! 

How, then will we drink from it the blood and/or tears of sorrow of our enemies????? 

It is then, a puzzle! 

We must win it first to discover all its secrets!!!!