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Lazarri Middleton Transfers to SMU

Sophomore cornerback Lazarri Middleton has transferred to SMU. Middle's twitter profile has been changed to read "SMU football" and earlier on twitter indicated that he had indeed left the Nebraska program. 

ima miss my boys down in L-town


Thank you for always rooting for me #HuskerNation .. I loved your support    

Middleton was not part of the 105 man roster this year nor last, and did not play in a game last year. He was a scholarship player, so that frees up one for next year. Given the progress of Andrew Green, and possibly Dijon Washington, Middleton might find more playing time in the long run with the Mustangs. 

Interesting that the news broke via twitter and from Middleton himself. if anything, it's an example of how little information comes out of the athletic department this time of year, and how players themselves will bypass the media when they want to break their own news. 

We here at CN wish Middleton the best of luck at SMU.