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Nebraska's Style Hasn't Changed, Thankfully

Two-a-day practices have ended, and we've entered a relatively dead period before the beginning of football season. How dead is it? Fans are so eager for real news about Nebraska football that yesterday's twitter stir was the release of a video by the NU equipment guys showing the new Nebraska uniforms for this season.

I'm not much of a uniform guy. As long as they're wearing red and white (okay, scarlet and cream), and have a white helmet with a red N on it, I don't care what they look like.

On the other hand, Nebraska could have held a fashion show, complete with runway, to show off their uniform combinations, except for the fact that none of this has anything to do with playing good football and everything to do with bowing down before your corporate sponsor and.... well, you know, use your imagination. In this case, it's Under Armour, and not Nike. Phil Knight owns Oregon's athletic department - it this Maryland's way of saying they'll do anything for a sugar daddy too? 

I am old? Do I just not get it? Is there anything other than corporate whoredom that's at play here, because I don't get the attraction of my team looking like the Power Rangers. (I don't get tattoos either, so really, maybe it is a sign that I am old. GET OFF MY LAWN.) 

Perhaps Nebraska should change their uniforms to align more with the "combat" style uni's, or maybe even worse, something like Maryland has done. It's pretty easy to pancake a defensive lineman when he's laughing his ass off at what you're wearing.