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Corn Flakes: Alfonzo Dennard Injured, More Miami, And Around The B1G

It's a rare Corn Flakes as done by me! Woohooo!!! Let's start out with the biggest news of the day for Husker fans, Alfonzo Dennard's injury. And then... since I'm not as witty as JLew is with these things, we'll skip cats and go right into links. 

Twitter / @Sean_Callahan: Alfonzo Dennard Muscle Injury

Bo Pelini said cornerback Alfonzo Dennard is out with a "muscle" injury in his leg. The injury could cause him to miss some game time.

Or it could be that his leg needs to be amputated and replaced with John Anderson. Cue the paranoia!!!!!! - JJ

Dennard injured, out indefinitely
Sean Callahan's tweet becomes Jon Nyatawa's "Out Indefinitely". How 'bout that leg amputation???? Arggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! - JJ 

Maher, Bondi neck-and-neck in race for kicking duties

One is a modest, unassuming redshirt junior. The other is an outgoing, slick-haired true freshman. Between them, Brett Maher and Mauro Bondi have a combined zero games of experience kicking for Nebraska. Together, they face the difficult task of replacing Alex Henery and Adi Kunalic.

Look! An article about kickers! - JJ

Austin Cassidy embraces starting spot, leadership role

There's one part of Nebraska's move to the Big Ten Conference that bothers Austin Cassidy.

It's that the quality of beer will improve? No. More fat chicks? No. The lack of real barbecue? Well... No. None of those. - JJ

Carl Pelini: Blackshirts Deeper, More Physical and More Knowledgeable

Q: How far is Nebraska going back to its physical roots on offense? A: You know, there is nothing in sports - and this goes back to when I was a high school coach - that compares to being involved in a football game and knowing, as a coach, that you can simply impose your will on the team across from you. It doesn't matter what they run, you know you can hit 'em in the mouth and stop it. And you know that whatever you call on offense, you're going to knock 'em off the ball and gain three or four yards. That is the most thrilling feeling as a coach, and on the other side of the ball, it's the most defeating and disheartening moment in sports because it leaves you grasping at straws and knowing there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's what you work for - on offense and defense.

Randy York asks Carl Pelini an offensive question and the answer is... we're going back to option football!!! Woohooo!!!

No, wait, we're going to run a no-huddle machine like Oregon and outrun every one of them slow bastards in the B1G!!! Whooohoooo!!!!

No, we're going to run a pro-style offense just like Michigan and Ohio State, with some play-action thrown in there just to keep 'em honest!!! Three yards and a cloud of dust!!!! Woohoo!ooooo!!! - JJ  

Bo Pelini Foundation | Big Red Breakfast
And so the Big Red Breakfast was taken over by the Bo Pelini Foundation in order to make more money for the Foundation, get sponsored by TD Ameritrade, and turn the whole thing into a corporate junket.

Tell me I'm wrong, and that really, nothing changed, that it was always this way anyway and I'm just a cynical bastard. -- JJ 


Nevin Shapiro Can Kiss My Ass - Miami News

Shapiro is nothing more than a jilted groupie who fucked over a lot people. He is an opportunistic schemer who now wants to play the role of jailhouse snitch. His word isn't worth squat especially if Yahoo paid him for the exclusive. Nevin's mad because he couldn't get former players to invest in his Ponzi scheme or come to his rescue when his criminal enterprise was exposed.

You know, reading all this stuff about Nevin Shapiro, I have to agree with Luther Campbell. He is a true scumbag, one of those guys you want to avoid because when shit goes bad he'll drag you down with him just because you were there. I just agree with Luther Campbell. Wow. - JJ

Attention, administrators: Do as Miami’s former AD says, not as his program did
Doc Saturday tells you why Miami's AD Paul Dee looks like the biggest ass in all of this. - JJ

Ex-Husker Tied to Booster Yacht - I Did No Wrong
An ex-Nebraska football player alleged to have accepted extra benefits from a former Miami booster acknowledges he was on a yacht owned by Nevin Shapiro — but not while he was in college.

Robert Marve: A Victim Of The Game

The Miami Investigation will likely result in severe punishments, but not for those who need them.

Who needs them? WHO? WHO? - JJ


The Man, the Myth, the Legend
No, it's not Tom Osborne or Bob Devaney - it's about Hayden Fry. I've never understood the legend of Hayden Fry all that much, but he's THE GUY for Iowa fans. This is a good article that shows why... uh... maybe I was wrong...... - JJ

Ranking Ohio State's 2011 Schedule: From Toughest To Easiest

Ranking Ohio State's 2011 football schedule, from toughest to easiest games. Where does Nebraska fit? - JJ

Previewing Michigan Football's 2011 Running Backs

Just how dangerous Michigan will be by the time they play Nebraska will be determined by the quality of their running backs. Right now - it's as unknown a quality as Nebraska's offense. - JJ


Badger Bits: Which Wisconsin freshman will contribute the most in 2011?
James White proved last year that true freshmen can be a big boost during the season. Who will step up this year?

Offense Defeats Defense in First Scrimmage, and More Football Notes

Catching up on all the football news that happened over the weekend and today, plus notes from MSU's first scrimmage.

I just linked to this to ask you the question - how long did it take for you to think about what MSU is? - JJ


Dan Beebe: Deadline for Texas A&M?

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe may impose a deadline for Texas A&M to make a decision about leaving the conference. But will he be able to do that?

His last set of ultimatums turned out really well. Why not start another round? - JJ

N.C.A.A. Chief Suggests Summit on Conference Expansion
NCAA President Mark Emmert, he of impotence, wants a conference on conference expansion. It's always a conference or a summit with bureaucrats - they're damned consensus builders - which is why they're so slow to react.

"Those conversations start and stop with that there’s no N.C.A.A. authority on these topics," Scott said.

Did I mention Mark Emmert was impotent? - JJ

College Football Replay - The Program
Keith Dunnavant - author of "The Missing Ring", "The Fifty Year Seduction", and "America's Quarterback" has released a new web site that will focus on one of my favorite subjects - College Football History. And to start it off, he's got a bit there about Tom Osborne. - JJ