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NCAA: No High School Games on School Networks

Yesterday the NCAA ruled that there will be no televising high school games on school or conference networks, a ruling obviously made because of the Longhorn Network.

We're only a 20 days away from the start of college football season, and the ‘Horn Network still isn't available on Dish, DirecTV, or any cable providers that you can find. Perhaps it'll die before it gets off the ground (wouldn't that be fun?).

Over at BON, they're whining up a storm about lawsuits and the big, bad, over-regulating NCAA and have no idea why showing high school games on college-affiliated networks might be a bad thing, and why they can't just do whatever they want, sniff, sniff, sniff.

One affect this might have is to stabilize the Big 12.... for now, anyway, until Texas decides to pull some other "we own the world" scheme mostly because they can't help themselves. It does take away Texas A&M's chief complaint of an unfair advantage (until the Aggies come up with another reason to be pissed off, which should take about... oh...probably 15 minutes after you read this), and perhaps the conference expansion talk will settle down (hahahahahahahahaaha bwwwaahahaahah, really?).

As far as the ruling goes - it is a good thing. There's enough emphasis on recruiting already, and if ESPN or Fox Sports or any other network (as long as it's not affiliated with a school or conference) wants to show high school football games, they're perfectly capable of doing so.