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BTN Online Streaming Options: Nebraska Football Availability Outside the U.S.

I've gotten a few inquiries from Husker fans who are living outside the U.S., wondering how they might best access the Big Ten Network, how they might best get access to their Husker football.

Remember the name - BTN2Go.  It's new this season, and will soon become your best digital friend since it'll allow you to watch your beloved Huskers at your (so-called) friend's wedding while using your iPhone.

BTN2Go is a live streaming simulcast of the BTN that will be available via the internets, (, iPad and iPhone.  (BTN2GO web site says they are exploring options for the Droid in you.)

Cable and satellite companies who have agreed to carry BTN2Go will begin offering it to subscribers this fall. As of today, that list includes DIRECTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Charter. If you're traveling abroad, and you have a television subscription to one of these providers, you'll be able to access BTN2Go just as you would if you were traveling in the US. You can read much more about it at the web site

For fans who live outside of the US and don't have a subscription to a U.S.-based video provider (so as to access BTN2Go), BTN continues to offer "Big Ten Ticket," which is an international streaming subscription service that includes every BTN football and men's basketball telecast to viewers outside of the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

This year, for the first time, Big Ten Ticket will also include next day, on-demand access to all Big Ten games, including all Big Ten Conference television partners.

Unfortunately, as CN member MSS1960 has pointed out, Big Ten Ticket is pretty expensive at $24.95 a week, so you really really want to have access to that BTN2GO thing. Maybe this'll lead to you finally making up with those stateside family members that you went overseas to escape.


BTN will stream additional 550 non-televised events (mostly Olympic sports, but also a small number of non-conference and exhibition men's basketball).  These events will be available through a streaming subscription package to  There are monthly and annual subscriptions available.


I've gotten fairly accustomed to watching Netflix on the iPad. It's like curling up with a good book, because, seriously, nobody else in my household wants to watch the movies I watch on Netflix (A Boy And His DogNight of the Comet, and documentaries, documentaries, documentaries....)

Watching BTN on the iPad will be a great addition for the season, and sometimes, maybe I can watch on my iPhone will pretending to spend time with my family somewhere. 

Notice how I did all this without taking a single shot at the Longhorn Network, and how it still hasn't been picked up by anyone, or maybe that the Facebook Fan Page has a measly 13k Likes? I'm really proud of myself for not stooping that low. Geez, I'm a great guy!