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Corn Flakes: NU to the Fiesta Bowl?

A few fast links for you today. No news of Bubba, Bo screaming at Bubba, or A&M finally leaving the Big 12. College Football - preseason bowl projections

They have Fiesta: Nebraska vs Texas A&M in a game to decide who hates Texas more!

Eric Martin hopes to make some noise at defensive end

Video: No. 13 Nebraska - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Linebacker is sixth commitment of NU's 2012 class -

So, Mountain blue on blue? Okay. That's fine. What does active camouflage do for you? - One Bronco Nation Under God

So now that the Mountain West conference has put their foot down on blue unis on the SmurfTurf, what about this?

NCAA presidents discuss scholarship terms at retreat - ESPN

If the rules pass, each Division I conference would have the option to award bigger, longer scholarships to athletes. That would represent a sea change from previous NCAA philosophy, in which all schools in the same division were supposed to play by the same rules and policies. Emmert said questions still need to be answered about potentially "huge implications for competitive equity and not having people game that system." But he said that a level playing field in college sports is already a myth.

Well that would be different...