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Introducing CORN NATION MAILBAG: Readers - Your Turn To Speak Out!

Sorry, Cliffy, it's just a virtual mailbag...
Sorry, Cliffy, it's just a virtual mailbag...


Save this e-mail now!

Corn Nation readers and members, faithful Huskers, fellow Big 10 fans, college footbal fans in general, or even people who clicked on the wrong link and have no idea just what the hell a Corn Nation is, we want to hear from you.

Do you have a QUESTION or an OPINION? Is there a concern about THE UPCOMING SEASON? Heard a GOOD RUMOR and want a 2nd opinion as to its veracity? Want to have a little back and forth on WHICH RECEIVERS WILL GET THE LION'S SHARE OF THE TOUCHES?

Heck, does THE SITUATION remind you of some tool that plays for Penn State? Is there a storyline out there that seems to be playing out just like the CLOSING SCENES FROM "KARATE KID 2"?

Then send an e-mail to:


We want to hear from you. Tell is what is on your mind out in Husker Nation...or any other nation for that matter. We even want to hear from (gulp) Michigan. (Okay, just dry yurked a little, but no, really, you're more than welcome here!)..

Quite simply, this is your chance to sound off. Let us know what's on your mind. Maybe you've just got a short question or a more extended opinion on something. While we're not looking for War & Peace, don't feel as if you have to keep it short, either. This is a Husker website, but if you feel like telling us how torn you are in that you find Elizabeth Hasselbeck exceptionally annoying and dim, yet you can't stop watching The View with an erection, that's fine, too. OK, maybe not that, but we are flexible.

That e-mail again?:


Volume and quality cooperating, I'll do my best to get them posted on a weekly basis. While we're certainly not holding you to the morals of the local convent, try to see that it doesn't read like a transcript of "Scared Straight" either. Funny and interesting is the best chance to see it printed here. Of course, e-mails or full names will not be published online, but if you could give us a name (first name only is fine) and a location, it would be appreciated.

So let them fly starting anytime, as soon as I get a decent batch, we'll roll out the maiden mailbag.

Start sending those e-mails to:


(Now I'm going back to the Wisconsin-Whitewater vs. Mt. Union DIII title game from last year. This season really can't start soon enough)