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Corn Flakes: More Media Madness!

Another huge round up of clippings to make your Friday go by a little bit faster.


As fun and as accurate a summary as you'll find anywhere - JJ

Confident Nebraska team makes unofficial debut in Big Ten - NCAA Football -

Eight of the other Big Ten coaches managed to give Nebraska some love -- whether they actually meant it or not. Only Illinois' Ron Zook, Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald and Ohio State's Luke Fickell did not utter the word "Nebraska" during each coach's opening press conference. Nebraska was mentioned 14 times by the remaining eight coaches. Coaches usually prefer not to acknowledge opponents, especially conference rivals, but there was no shorten of admiration for the Cornhuskers.

Around the Big Ten Media Days water cooler

Paterno was asked about the problems in college football, and he told a story about how players have always gotten in trouble. "The old days when I first started to coach, I lived four blocks off the campus," Paterno said. "We don't have a big house. We've been there for a long time, my wife and the kids. Well, the kids are all gone obviously. I used to get a telephone call from one of the campus cops would say, ‘Hey, coach, you better come up here and get a hold of Mike. Too much to drink, making a lot of noise.' "I'd go up at 2 in the morning, grab Mike, put him in bed, get him up at 5 in the morning, run his rear-end off for a week. You guys never heard about it."

Debriefing: Blackshirts back at the front of Nebraska’s Big Ten invasion - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Great breakdown of the Blackshirts

Lots more after the jump

Big Ten media days: One good thing - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Nebraska: Bo Pelini was a gracious guest in his first trip to the Big Ten preseason party. The Nebraska coach, who played safety at Ohio State, gushed about the Big Ten's tradition and integrity and called it a model conference for college sports. "Maybe I'm a little bit biased because I played in this conference, grew up in the area," Pelini said, "but I think you see the other conferences strive to be what the Big Ten is. That's why it's so great to be going into our first year."

Dirk’s Brunch Bites 7/29 |

So Iowa better keep winning. Otherwise, Nebraska is going to care about this new Heroes trophy about as much as they cared about the Missouri bell.

The B1G Game: Loving the Game that Haunts Us (or Hello from a Husker) - Off Tackle Empire

When asked if I would write the Nebraska perspective for Off Tackle Empire, I started thinking about all the things I knew about the B1G. Unfortunately, somewhere between, "Ohio State wins a lot," and "Indiana doesn't," I realized that most of my current view of the B1G has been built on two things (full disclosure, I'm learning the conference on the fly... bear with me): 1) These schools care more about the Rose Bowl than the BCS trophy 2) These schools have an inordinate amount of co tri-champions

Big Ten media days: In so many words | BuckeyeXtra

Oh yea. I had forgotten about UM/OSU. New Michigan coach Brady Hoke wants desperately to beat "Ohio" - as he refers to Ohio State - but he doesn't see the Buckeyes as wounded and vulnerable, despite their being dogged by an NCAA investigation that has cost them their coach and three-year starting quarterback.

Nebraska already a favorite in Big Ten | Detroit Free Press |

"We haven't played a lot of these football teams before. We have a great challenge ahead of us. I don't know who picks what. I don't put any stock in any of that anyway. You're going to get what you earn on the field. We have an opportunity to be a good football team. I think we can compete with anybody we line up against, but how that's going to play out at the end of the year and all the different challenges we'll be facing, we'll find out."

Brady Hoke B1G Presser Notes

Recruiting: "This might sounds arrogant, but if it is, it is: We're Michigan." Great history, tremendous staff. lifeblood of a program is the guys who come in. Wants toughness, team players, etc. The coaches out on the road do a great job, but Michigan sells itself.

We're going to have to get used to Michigan arrogance.... but that's okay with me. I've always like Michigan, since I was a kid. Believe it or not, it's the wings. And the fact that years ago, Michigan was on TV when most weren't. - JJ

Big Ten Media Days: Let the big talk begin

"Tell Iowa fans to be prepared for an experience like they have in Madison and Columbus," said Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, who has lived Big Red life as a Nebraska player and experienced the rivalry as an Iowa assistant.

Man... Barry Alvarez has to be as excited as anyone about Nebraska joining the B1G. The guy's become legend in Wisconsin, kind of like Tom Osborne. I hope we kick his ass. - JJ

Husker QB Taylor Martinez improving in leadership role

If, of course, it's really news. Summertime media conferences breathe on hype and hope, and players and coaches saying the right things.

We'll know enough come fall, I guess, but the thought that Martinez is becoming a leader ought to make everyone happy. Shouldn't it? - JJ

Ex-Husker QB Green heads to Tulsa -

Former Nebraska quarterback Cody Green has said he will transfer to Tulsa, choosing the Golden Hurricane over Baylor, a Houston television reported Thursday.

Sigh I remember when he was going to be the next big thing. -JL

Video: Nebraska's Bo Pelini - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Ahhhh he's wearing a suit?!? I'm a little scared. Oh wait same old coach speak that's better. Though Brian looks a little scared I wonder if Bo yelled at him at some point? -JL