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Nebraska - Iowa Rivalry Trophy To Be Announced Friday

oooohhh.... "He*ro" - is that a sandwich?
oooohhh.... "He*ro" - is that a sandwich?

Yes, there will be a trophy for the end of season pre-declared rivalry game against Iowa, despite Tom Osborne repeatedly stating that rivalries are organically grown, not manufactured. I guess that's bound to happen given that this is the B1G 

The trophy's name will be announced Friday morning during a breakfast at a Hyatt-Regency in Chicago. Given that invitation has the word "Hero" on it might give an indication as to its name. If they were doing this during lunch, perhaps that could be taken as a menu item, but I can't for the life of me think of anything "Hero" associated with breakfast. 

Some on twitter have suggested that the new trophy might be named the "Nile Kinnick Trophy" since Kinnick has connections with both states, being in the Nebraska Hall of Fame and the namesake of Iowa's Football Stadium. I would have to say that would be incredibly stupid, a good indication that it's exactly what they'll do. 

Seriously (what?) - maybe they could include two names. Maybe George Flippin should be included. He was a hero. Maybe all y'all have some better (or more) suggestions. 

If there's one name that hasn't been mentioned it's "Dead Horse" since this subject has been beaten that badly. Still, they have to make an announcement about it, name the trophy, have another banquet and a breakfast and meet important people. You'd swear they were running for public office. 

It's still over a month to real football! ARGHHHHHH!