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Nine game B1G conference schedule update.

Today, it was reported that the B1G may be targeting a nine game conference schedule in 2017.

"We were told to clear the calendar from 2017 and we’ve done that," Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke said Monday morning.

The only exception is the school’s annual series against Notre Dame, which is scheduled through 2021. Burke said the Boilermakers’ 2017 road game at Marshall has been moved up. Next season, Purdue hosts Marshall on Sept. 29.

The veteran athletic director also said Purdue’s original four-year contract to play Cincinnati has been reduced to a two-year agreement. The series was scheduled to run from 2013 through 2016. A few more details need to be worked out to determine the exact dates.

When the Big Ten moves to a nine-game schedule, Burke doesn’t anticipate another crossover divisional game. Purdue’s crossover rivalry opponent from the Legends Division is Iowa.

"That hasn’t been talked about," Burke said of adding a second crossover game. "They’ll speed up the (schedule rotation)."

Instead of playing three games against the other division, teams would play four in addition to the five within the division.

I like the idea of a nine game conference schedule, but there are definitely some draw backs. Some years there will only be 4 home B1G games for the Huskers which means the non-conference schedule will likely have three home games and no away games to meet the financial needs of the athletic department (seven home games). If this removes a body-bag game, great, but I would hate to see the big BCS non-conference game go by the wayside.

It will be interesting to see how they work the schedule, since it appears that they will not have a second protected cross-over game. Do you do a rotation of playing three teams from the other division home/away for two years and then work in the remaining two schools or do you run some type of rotational system that might see Nebraska @OSU, Illinois, @Purdue one year and then @Illinois, Purdue, @Wisconsin the next? Ideas? Thoughts?