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2011 Nebraska Football Wallpapers For Your Computer, iPad and Smartphones

2011 Balloon Wallpaper - Sample Only - The Real Stuff You Want to Download is <a href="" target="new">at Flickr</a>.
2011 Balloon Wallpaper - Sample Only - The Real Stuff You Want to Download is at Flickr.

We have some wallpapers and backgrounds for you for the 2011 Nebraska football season. These were created using photographs provided by professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, and the professional photoshopping skills of askilled master. I've included a sample above, but please don't download that. 

Instead, the backgrounds are being hosted in a set at Flickr due to the fact that uploading them here at CN would change the resolution (photos are compressed when being uploaded and there really isn't a work-around), and the background would no longer properly fit your screen. 

I'll also be uploading them (over the next week) to our Facebook fan page where you can be sure to give some feedback by liking them. 

We are providing several different resolutions that include the most popular screen sizes as determined by our web site analytics. The screen sizes are included in the name, but we're providing 1200x800, 1024x768, and 320x480. This should cover a lot of computers as well as the iPad, iPhone and other smart phones. 

I'd like some feedback on these, and if enough people have special requests, perhaps we can do some more. 

[Update: If you're pulling these off Flickr, you must need to use the Actions menu at the upper right and select "View All Sizes" to get the "Original" resolution. If you simply right click or download without doing that, you'll get a lower quality image.]