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They Had More Fun Than You, Lied About It, Then Took It All Away

Remember how your daddy was always telling you: 

"I had to walk to school uphill. Both ways. Six miles. You can't even get up on time, walk outside and get in the car so your mother can drive you to school."

If you live in a cold-weather state, you know the phrase included waist-deep snow that existed nine months of the year. It was an ice age, dammit. They don't have winters like that anymore. 

It's all a lie, of course. Fact is, your daddy had a lot more fun than you're ever going to have.

Evidence - Exhibit 479A - The 1976 Iowa State win over Nebraska.

It's not just the exuberance of Iowa State pulling off a 37-28 upset win over #9 Nebraska (the Huskers had eight fumbles and an interception) it's the way they went about it.

About 4:39, happiness starts out well enough. Overwhelming excitement at the Clones scoring. But then it gets a little weird, especially when you think about what they told you about sportsmanship and how they were all honest, hard-working men and everyone had total and complete respect for everyone else. 

Iowa State Touchdown
Rather normal exuberance, eh? 
Iowa State Touchdown
Gotta be startin' somethin'
Iowa State Touchdown
The Setup Begins... 
Iowa State Touchdown
Ignoring "The Man" and Getting the Spin Ready....
Dice Roll Touchdown Celebration

Then there they are, after the game is all over, doing something else you'll never get to do in your entire lifetime: tearing down a goalpost

One other item to note. The graininess that is this film is exactly how the world appeared to about 80% of the population at the game because about 40% of them were on hallucinogenics and another 40% were bombed out of their minds. Then they all drove home. Uphill. Both ways. Through waist deep snow.

And all the time they were having more fun than you.

You are so screwed.