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Nebraska's Mike Caputo On Rimington Watch List - Key To 2011 Line Play?

Nebraska senior Mike Caputo made the Rimington Watch list, along with 43 other players, making it a not really all that exclusive list, but good PR for both the players and the organization. 

The SEC has seven players, with the Big Ten coming in second at six. Others from the Big Ten included Mike Brewster of Ohio State, Peter Konz of Wisconsin, James Ferentz (Kirk's son) of Iowa, David Molk of Michigan, and Ben Burkett of Northwestern. 

One note about Caputo - he is the smallest center on the list. We're continually told that what Caputo lacks in size he makes up for in technique. That's true to an extent - he has, after all, been recognized as at least being one of the better centers in the nation - but it was problematic last season when he was lined up against heavy, aggressive nose tackles. 

An easy solution to this problem would be to have the play-side guard help Caputo out against heavier, more aggressive guys (maybe that should be "heavy and quick" since those are really the most problematic), but in doing so, you're essentially double-teaming a guard and a center to make one block on a play. I don't believe we did this much last year, but with Shawn Watson, who the hell knew what was going on. 

We're going to talk a lot about Tim Beck's offense in the next couple of months. A lot of that conversation will have to do with formations, and what skill player is lining up where, and whether or not we're using a fullback (for you fans who are convinced that the presence of a fullback would solve not only Nebraska's offensive problems, but the national debt).

We really should be spending more time on talking about what the offensive line is going to be doing, because that's where this season will be won or lost. And Mike Caputo is a big part of it. God forbid he get injured. 

Chris Anzevino
Kent State
Eloy Atkinson UTEP 6'3" 300 Junior
Mario Benavides Louisville 6'4" 300 Junior
Philip Blake Baylor 6'2" 315 Senior
Ben Bojicic Bowling Green 6'4" 295 Senior
Colin Boss Middle Tennessee State 6'4" 310 RS Senior
Mike Brewster Ohio State 6'5" 305 Senior
Terence Brown BYU 6'4" 330 Senior 
Ben Burkett Northwestern 6'4" 300 Senior
Thomas Byrd Boise State 5'11" 288 Senior
Mike Caputo Nebraska 6'1" 275 Senior
Nick Carlson Wyoming 6'4" 292 Junior
Tom Castilaw Arkansas State 6'3" 280 RS Senior
Braxton Cave Notre Dame 6'3" 303 Senior
Trent Dupy Tulsa 6'2" 285 Junior
Dillon Farrell New Mexico 6'5" 290 RS Sophomore 
James Ferentz Iowa 6'2" 284 Junior 
Dalton Freeman Clemson 6'5" 285 Junior
Kevin Galeher Western Michigan 6'4" 312 Junior 
Grant Garner Oklahoma State 6'3" 289 Senior 
Garth Gerhart Arizona State 6'2" 295 RS Senior
Jeremiah Hatch Kansas 6'3" 332 Senior
A.J. Hawkins Mississippi 6'3" 313 Junior 
Cam Holland North Carolina 6'2" 320 Senior
Tyler Horn Miami 6'4" 305 Senior
Grant Johnson Oregon State 6'3" 293 Senior
T.J. Johnson South Carolina 6'4" 314 Junior 
Ben Jones Georgia 6'3" 316 Junior
Peter Konz Wisconsin 6'5" 313 RS Junior
Tyler Larsen Utah State 6'4" 297 Sophomore
P.J. Lonergan LSU 6'4" 300 Junior
Joe Madsen West Virginia 6'4" 300 RS Junior
Kai Maiava UCLA 6'1" 318 RS Senior
Blake McJunkin SMU 6'2" 290 Senior
David Molk Michigan 6'2" 288 RS Senior 
Brian Moore Duke 6'2" 285 RS Junior
Moe Petrus Connecticut 6'2" 302 RS Senior
Weston Richburg Colorado State 6'4" 302 Sophomore 
Darion Smith UAB 6'2" 280 Senior
Matt Smith Kentucky 6'4" 303
Travis Swanson Arkansas 6'5" 305 RS Sophomore
William Vlachos Alabama 6'1" 294 Senior
Scott Wedige Northern Illinois 6'4" 314 RS Senior