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Big Ten Countdown: 00 - Welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska, Open Thread

Well, the day has finally come. Nebraska is officially a member of the Big Ten conference and we made it just in time before the Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear power plants meltdown which would potentially cause a mass exodus of Eastern Nebraska and leaving the rest of the state looking less populated than Wyoming. If we waited any longer, the Big Ten may have rescinded our membership and our school may have ended up as homeless as those of us living in Omaha might end up if the water gets too high.

In all seriousness, though, the power plant issue is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. There probably won't be any problems from it, but you never know what might happen. They have a lot of time to plan and to figure out what they need to do. But, if there is a disaster, it's consequences could be far reaching and utterly devastating. Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa would be hard hit and if radiation went down the Missouri, it would lead to problems all the way to the gulf coast.

Anyway, we are now members of the Big Ten. Eventually the love fest has to die out between us and the rest of the Big Ten. But for now, let's just use this thread to talk about what we are looking forward to in our new conference. Hopefully we will have members from the other Big Ten SBNation blogs stop by and wish us well. If you haven't heard, there is a Husker marathon happening this weekend. It looks to be fairly repetitive and will probably piss off a lot of Michigan fans, but hey, I'm ok with that.

One last comment. We hope you enjoyed the Countdown Series. There were a lot of people that put in a lot of time into it and we didn't miss a single day in our countdown from 100. I'd like to thank Jon, Andy, Mike, Ricky and everyone else for their hard work. They made this series great and helped us pass the time for three months during the off season. There's only 64 days until kickoff!  Let the countdown begin!

If you missed any of the stories, you can click on the link near the title called "Husker Fans Guide to the Big Ten."