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Bubba Starling Has Very Wise Sisters

Take some advice from me, Bubba Starling. Listen to your sisters.

When your sister Jill says: 

I want him to go to Nebraska. I want to take road trips to Nebraska. I want to wear Husker red and watch him play."

Someday she'll be 30. If you don't go to Nebraska, she'll remind you of it for the rest of your life. That's what younger sisters do. And unlike wives, you can't just divorce them and find another one when they nag you too much. 

And when Jamie says: 

He thinks I'm crazy. But I want him to go to Nebraska. We've never had that. We're not KU fans. We're not K-State fans. We've never had a team. Since he signed, we're Cornhuskers. Let's go. This is awesome."

She is NOT crazy, she is your older sister. Trust me, I have four of them. It's hard to see how wise they are because you are so focused on the never-ending torture that is the job of older sisters.*

So, Bubba Starling, you should listen to your sisters. They are clearly very wise people and even if they're not, they'll be with you forever. That's much longer than your agent. Much, much longer. 

*I'm not saying that my older sisters ever tortured me. No, I would never say that. Really, I wouldn't and I don't care what you think, I'm not saying it under duress. Or anything like that either.