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Introducing Cornhusker Kickoff 2011: Your Nebraska Football Yearbook

Rex Burkhead
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I am pleased to announced that Cornhusker Kickoff 2011 is finally available!

It be will be in stores across Nebraska (wherever you can find college pre-season magazines) around July 19th, but it's available online now, so you don't have to wait! One big change this year - the publisher has lowered the online price to $9.99 and set shipping at $3.00 so the cost is the same as waiting to purchase it at the bookstore, so get it early and annoy your friends! 

If you're new to the Maple Street Press series of preview mags - here's the bottom line. Cornhusker Kickoff is the only college football preseason magazine that's entirely devoted to your Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's 128 pages completely devoid of advertisements (which, you have to admit, is pretty rare these days).

It provides a complete preview of the upcoming season including a team overview, opponent previews, interviews with players and a look at Tim Beck's new offense and how Bo Pelini's defense will change in the Big Ten.

Do me a favor and like this on Facebook. And maybe order one for your Dad. Or Mom. Or your chia pet. Or all of them! 

After the jump is the complete table of contents. 

Questions about the yearbook? Ask away in the comments section! 

Table of Contents
New Kids On The Block: Meet The Team That Leads Nebraska In Its Inaugural Big Ten Season
by Jon Johnston
Know Thine Enemy: An In-Depth Look at Nebraska's Opponents
by Jon Johnston
So Close To Glory: Look Back On a 2010 Season That Saw Nebraska Come Within Arm's Reach of the Big 12 Title
by Mike Jaixen
Grade A Prospects: Meet the Freshman Crop
by Brandon Cavanaugh
2011 Nebraska Walk-Ons: These 15 Players Could Add Value
by Brandon Cavanaugh
New Beginnings: New Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck Wasted No Time Overhauling the Cornhuskers Offense
by Steven M. Sipple
When Will The Pipeline Return?: Can Offensive Line Coach Barney Cotton Bring the Fabled Nebraska Front Line Back to Prominence?
by Brian Christopherson
From Superman to Everyman: Rex Burkhead
by Tad Stryker
The Star of David: Linebacker Lavonte David Made An Immediate Impression
by Tad Stryker
Five to Watch: Five Players That Could Potentially Hold Nebraska's 2011 Keys to Success
by Brian Speers
Five Set To Compete: Meet Five Freshmen Poised To Make An Impact
by Bryan Munson
The Pelini Report: Take a Close Look at Head Coach Bo Pelini's Defensive Schemes
by Chris Brown
Welcome To The Club: From The Big 12 to The Big Ten
by Mark Coddington
'Win Laurels In Far North': Nebraska's Memorable Big Ten Games
by Brandon Vogel
A Rivalry Reborn?: Will The Nebraska-Minnesota Rivalry Be Rechristened? 
by Mark Fricke
The Rust Belt Is For Runners: What's The Difference Between The Run-Heavy Big Ten and Pass-Heavy Big 12?
by Brandon Vogel
Touring The Big Ten: The New Stadiums and Fanbases
by Travis Miller
For The Record: Translating Nebraska's Numbers and Record Into The Big Ten
by Jon Johnston
Welcome To The Big Ten: Writers From The Big Ten Welcome The Huskers
compiled by Jon Johnston