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Nebraska Football To Get Shiny New Gloves


Earlier today @NUEquipment on twitter revealed Nebraska players will be getting new Adidas gloves this season. 

I'm not one to get all giddy about equipment, and I'm not going all giddy this time either. It's the old man "Get Off My Lawn" attitude. 

My take - if these help cut down on holding calls, false starts, and don't cause reason for players to autograph them and sell them to boosters, then hooray!!!!! We have shiny new things for the players!!!!!

Nebraska Addidas Gloves
2011 Adidas Nebraska Blackshirt Gloves

For the record, the first time a defensive player puts their hands together like this and doesn't throw the bones after a great tackle, all of these things need to be thrown away and replaced with welder's gloves - just because.... (I referenced "get off my lawn" what the hell else do you want?)

Adidas Nebraska Gloves
2011 Addidas Gloves for the offense! 

My take? They'll fit right in with the Wisconsin jerseys no matter what they're wearing. Result - fewer holding calls. And the shiny material will bend the light around receivers, making it difficult for the defense to find them!

Win win win!