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Please Help Out Mark Colligan's Family

As a lot of you know, Husker Track & Field Coach Mark Colligan passed away. Colligan coached the "throwing" sports - shotput, javelin, discus, hammer throw - and his resume is quite impressive... as if that matters somehow. 

Randy York has an article at entitled "Website Enables Those Touched By Colligan's Amazing Life To Donate". 

It also includes this link:


Donate here if you've been touched by Mark Colligan's amazing life


Well... not to be nit picky, but honestly, Mark Colligan never really touched my life. I'm sure that he did, however, make a difference in hundreds of other lives. 

What does touch me is that the guy passed away at 47 with a wife and three kids - one girl and two boys. I turned 49 last week, have a wife and three kids - one girl and two boys - and I wonder what would happen to them if the same were to happen to me. 

If it was anyone associated with the Husker football program, we'd probably be falling over ourselves to help out. Track & Field... not so much... which is why Randy York makes a plea to people who knew Corrigan, rather than the entire Husker fan base. 

Please look past that, and consider donating to Colligan's family. Father's Day is coming.