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Big Ten Countdown: 20 - Johnny the Jet



That clip might be the most played college football highlight in history. Game of the Century. #1 vs. #2. Nebraska on the road at Oklahoma. One of the greatest plays in one of the greatest games. Johnny Rodgers gave us this wonderful memory and today, it's #20's day.

Rodgers was from Omaha, NE and originally wanted to attend USC.

In 3 years, he had 1,515 punt return yards in 98 attempts. That averaged out to 15.5 yards per punt return. Of course that average gets inflated a little when you have 7 punt return TD's to go along with those yards. He added 11 rushing TD's and 25 receiving TD's for his career which just seems ridiculous for a Nebraska receiver. It's no wonder he was the first Heisman Trophy winner from Nebraska. He beat out Greg Pruitt (Oklahoma) and Rich Glover (Nebraska) for the award.

After college, Johnny played four years in the CFL for Montreal. They actually paid him more than the San Diego Chargers were going to so he told the Chargers to take a hike. He won the Grey Cup once and the division MVP a couple times. He went back to the NFL in 1977, but injuries ended his NFL career before it got started.

Mr. Rodgers has set up the Johnny Rodgers Youth Foundation to help young men in women in the Omaha/Lincoln area. He also has a personal website if you want to keep up on what he is doing these days.