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Big Ten Countdown: 21 - Nebraska Wrestling

In the Big XII, there are five schools that compete in wrestling. They are Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa State and Nebraska. It's kinda weird, actually, to still be talking about the Big XII. I've been trying to preview all of the varsity athletics at UNL and it was a lot easier 50 days ago. I'm totally focused on the Big Ten now, and am pretty much done with the Big XII. So with that, I'll just go over a quick history and get into what to expect in Big Ten play.

Since 1993, Nebraska has won three conference titles (1993, 1995, and 2009). There have been ten individual National Champions with Jordan Burroughs being the most recent. They have finished as high as 3rd at the NCAA's and have 14 Top-Ten finishes since 1980. Not too shabby, really. Oklahoma State has dominated this sport in the Big XII for awhile now. They just recently won their 10th Big XII title.

This past year we had a stud name Jordan Burroughs who became a national champion in both 2009 and 2010. Here is a clip of him pwning a newb.


Wrestling is important in the Big Ten. The SEC can't touch the Big Ten here. All eleven current schools have a wrestling team. This past year, Iowa won the conference title and Penn State won the NCAA title. Iowa finished strong at the NCAA's too, finishing 3rd while Oklahoma State ended up 4th.

The Hawkeye's have a dynasty in Wrestling that would make the 90's Bulls look like a one-hit wonder. Since 1975, they own 23 National Titles. That's 23 out of 36 possible. They won 9 titles in a row from 1978 to 1986. They also have 32 conference titles dating back to 1958. Those are amazing feats. Winning a Big Ten conference title in wrestling would be a pretty nice accomplishment and would upset a lot of our neighbors in the Hawkeye State. But, don't look for it to happen too often.