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Big Ten Countdown: 39 - Nebraska Cross Country


The University of Nebraska has both a Men's and a Women's Cross Country team. They are both coached by Jay Dirksen. The Women's team has had eight All-American's.  They have not won a Big XII conference title (dominated by Colorado and more recently by Texas Tech, but they did win five back in the Big 8 days (dating back to 1975). The ladies have won the NCAA Region/District 5 a total of five times ('88, '89, '91, '92, '03). The highest the lady Husker have finished at the NCAA championships was 3rd in both 1988 and 1989.

The Men's team has 10 All-Americans and also have not won a Big XII conference title. Colorado again has dominated the Big XII in cross country. 1940 was the last time the men won a conference title, though they were pretty competitive in the 80's. They won the regional meet in 1988 and the highest they have finished at the NCAA meet was 7th in 1996.

Every year, Nebraska hosts the Woody/Greeno Nebraska Invitational at Pioneers Park in September.

In the Big Ten, every school has both Men's and Women's cross country except for Northwestern.  They do not have a Men's squad. Wisconsin had the top Big Ten Men's team. They finished 3rd at the NCAA's. Indiana came in 7th while Minnesota finished 27th and Penn State 30th. Oklahoma State won the title this year.

On the Women's side, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Penn State all competed at the NCAA's, but none finished in the top 20. The Nebraska Men's team probably won't win too many titles in the near future, but the Women have a chance to be competative.