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Big Ten Countdown: 60 - Nebraska Tennis

Nebraska has both a Men's and a Women's Tennis squad. The women's squad hasn't won many conference titles, but they have a few individual championships. You can view their conference finishes here. Seven of the ten women on the team are from Europe. In the Big XII, Baylor and Texas tend to be the top teams in the conference.  All twelve schools in the Big XII have a women's tennis team.  Nebraska even had the distinction of beating Colorado in their last home Big XII event a couple weeks ago.  The current Women's tennis standings can be view here.



In the Big XII there are only seven schools with Men's tennis (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech and Nebraska).  Baylor and A&M are the class of the Men's Big XII Tennis league this year.  Like the women's team, many of the men's squad are from Europe. Of the eleven members of the Nebraska Tennis team, six of them are from Germany.  Apparently, Nebraska is not a hot bed of Tennis talent.  Nebraska Men's tennis has twelve individual conference champions and four pairs of conference champions in doubles.

What's the Tennis scene like in the Big Ten? Every school in the Big Ten has a Men's tennis team and some of them are very good.  Ohio State, Indiana, and Minnesota are at the top of the class in the Men's division.  The Huskers' will likely struggle in the Big Ten.

On the Women's side, Michigan and Northwestern are leading the league.  Again, all 11 current Big Ten schools have a women's tennis team and Nebraska will probably fall in the middle of the pack in conference play.