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Big Ten Countdown: 44 - Nebraska Golf

Nothing to do with the Huskers, but it is golf day and images/videos have been...difficult to find.
Nothing to do with the Huskers, but it is golf day and images/videos have been...difficult to find.

The University of Nebraska sponsors both Men's and Women's golf teams. The Men have been competing since 1935. Back in those days, they were alright. They tended to finish near the top in the conference. But then...obscurity. Nothing to write home about in regards to the conference title since.

Only in 1999 did they finish 2nd. And they had a couple decent guys going by the names of Steve Friesen and Jamie Rogers. In the late 90's they had a good squad with 4 1st-team all-conference selections, but since, they have only had one. In 2007, Brady Schnell was all-conference. They do tend to do well in the smart-people division, though. The Men's team finished 8th in the Big XII tournament did not make the NCAA tournament this year but Andrew Wyatt will be in a regional as an individual.

The Women's team has won a couple conference titles in modern times. They were champions in 1976 and 1983. Rachelle Tacha was an individual champion in 1996 and Sarah Sasse won the individual title in 2003.  Like most of the Women's sports at UNL, the golf team started play in 1975. The ladies have a national best 57 "Scholastic" All-Americans and one Academic All-American.

The golf teams practice at Firethorn Golf Course in Lincoln, so if you are around there, you might run into them.

What do the golf teams have to look forward to in the Big Ten?  All eleven current schools have a golf team and most are pretty good.  Seven teams and three individuals made this year NCAA tournament in the Men's division and three teams along with one individual will go to the NCAA's in the Women's division.

To be competative in golf, recruiting is going to have to pick up.  I wouldn't expect too many conference titles for the Huskers in this sport, but the academic side should fit in nicely with our new conference.