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The 2011 Manure Expo And Why You Don't Want to Miss It!

Forget for a minute all about that University of Nebraska being thrown out of the "we're higher and mightier than you land grant institutions are" AAU - The 2011 North American Manure Expo is in Nebraska this year!

I realize that some of you might look down on agriculture, and might consider this some type of hickish gathering, but I ask you  - are there really that many things that are more important than the management of manure? Curing cancer, you might say! It would be great to cure cancer, but as the ancient Chinese saying goes: He Whose House Overflows With Poop Nobody Wants Around. 

Would you really like to be that guy? No, of course not! Manure Management is serious business!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and when you get a look at the agenda, you'll understand why as a person concerned about poop and a college football fan you don't want to miss it!


  • Using and setting up a center pivot for sprinkler irrigation of manure
  • What's in my Nutrient Management Plan? No, Really, What's In It?
  • How High Can They Stack It In Texas?
  • Winter Application of Manure on Frozen Soils, Lessons learned from Wisconsin Discovery Farms
  • Everybody Poops But Jim Tressel
  • Is Manure Stockpiling an Environmental Risk?
  • Manure Spreader
    Old-Fashioned Manure Spreader Courtesy of Purdue University
  • What about Iowa?
  • Risk Management - Insurance Options for Applicator Businesses And BCS Bowl Committees
  • Manure Tanker and Spreader Compaction and Pavement Damage And Why Can't Nebraska Hang onto the Damned Ball?
  • Tile Outlet Setbacks and Buffers, are they as effective as the NCAA?
  • GPS Equipment for Manure Application (Ride and Drive with GPS Equipment Vendors To the Bar And Back Again)
  • Manure Pit Foaming and Safety Demonstration (Was originally titled: "Why Nick Saban Never Smells Bad")
  • Why You'll Never Get A College Football Playoff (But Don't Spread that BCS Stuff on Your Crops!)
  • Flying Manure Spreader
    NCAA Proposed Manure Spreader
  • Assessing your Operation for Air Quality Using the Dan Beebe Factor
  • Transporting manure, how far can you feasibly go? (Hint: not as far as Clemson)
  • Using the Purdue Manure Management Planner to Plan Manure Applications While Maintaining a 50/50 pass to run ratio
  • Why the P-Index is Important?
  • "Manure Scene Investigation," try out your investigative skills to figure out what happened to manured field plots. (Spoiler: People from Missouri showed up in the middle of the night and took it all.)
  • Manure Runoff and Infiltration Demonstration (Or How To Keep People From Missouri Outta Your Fields!) 
  • Manure Pump School Featuring Lou Holtz and Mark May
  • Health line - First Aid Refresher (What the hell is this in here for?)
  • Estimating the Value of Manure: Consultant Panel Featuring Brent Musberger, Kirk Herbstreit and Colin Cowherd.
Dan Beebe Manure Spreader
New-fashioned City Slickster Manure Spreader


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