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How Will Husker Fans Remember Prince Amukamara?

Hey! The 2011 NFL Draft is coming up at the end of the month and they're still going to get on with it even if they probably aren't going to have a season. 

2011 will mark the second season in a row in which the Nebraska Cornhuskers will feature a player going in the first round after Ndamukong Suh was picked #2 overall last season by the Detroit Lions. 

This season cornerback Prince Amukamara gets to make the millions that go with first-round potential. Our 2011 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft had him going 7th to the San Francisco 49ers. He's been meeting a number of NFL teams - and it's typical the NFL guys ask us to do Q&A sessions with them about top draft picks.

One sent a series of questions and one of those I'd like to see answered by our community, mostly because I'm interesting in hearing what you guys have to say. So, here goes: 


How will Nebraska fans remember Prince Amukamara?