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Big Ten Countdown: 85 - Softballers Playin' Hardball.

Yesterday, Illinois was the feature we talked about.

In 1985, the University of Nebraska women's softball team made it to the NCAA championship game.  They didn't win, but they deserve a place on our countdown.  After all, they are good enough this year, that they might make it back to that game and win it.

The softball team has won six Big 8 conference titles, four Big XII conference titles, and two Big XII conference tournaments.  They have been to the NCAA tournament 19 times along with making the Women's College World Series seven times.

The ladies are currently ranked 11th in the nation with a 30-4 record.  They even have their own Facebook Page.  If you've had any exposure to the team this year, you've probably heard of the freshmen Tatum and Taylor Edwards. 

Taylor is mauling the ball at the plate and Tatum is keeping runners off the bases.  To be fair, though, there's plenty of talent on this team and another trip to the CWS championship game is a possibility this year.  They are still rated behind Missouri and Texas, but anything less than a conference title this year would be disappointing.

Looking ahead to the Big Ten what can the Huskers expect?  Currently Michigan's team is rated #7 with a record of 31-2.  After that, there isn't much depth in the conference right now and the Huskers should be able to compete right of the "bat" next year.  Every Big Ten school has a softball team.  There is more information here about our new conference softball competition.