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What if...UNO and UNL Were In Cahoots With The Wrestling Programs?

Think about it for a second.  UNO has a wrestling program that has won ump-teen National Championships and UNL is moving into the Big Ten conference where wrestling is big time.  Maybe Trev Alberts secretly killed the UNO program in order to make UNL's stronger.  The kids could transfer to Lincoln and/or Lincoln could become the hotspot for Nebraska wrestling. In exchange, UNL agrees not to start a Hockey program so that UNO won't have to compete with a Husker hockey team.  Alberts is a UNL guy and I think he eventually sees himself in Tom Osborne's office. I'm starting to get the Steve Pedersen vibe from him. A young cocky AD who thinks he has all the answers and isn't afraid to flush tradition down the toilet.


This movie is kind of long, but it's a good introduction of what the program is/was.