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Corn Flakes: The Return of the Cat

Well hello there. It's been awhile. Last we talked I led many to believe that I was going to have reactions after the Holiday Bowl. That didn't happen, the cats and I went on a bender instead.


So totally worth it...

We wanted to stop, but then the whole coaching search went on, with the lies, or at least half truths, and the general crappy treatment of the media by the head coach, I didn't want to deal with it, then there was the entire tease that is the Nebraska Basketball season, and now the continued failure of the baseball team.

But hope springs eternal. Spring Football is in the air. Could it be that Martinez has matured? Will NU have an offense? It's too much to stay away, plus I know you all missed the cats.

So I am again happy to bring you the choice cuts of links to you the fine followers of the Corn. Stories after the jump.

Nebraska Football (The reason why you're here)

Dear Nebraska, Welcome to the Big Ten...From Indiana

Indiana has a winning record all-time against Nebraska. They're damned proud of it, and we're not going to take it from them..... at least for a few years. - JJ

My spring Top 25 ballot - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

About Nebraska at #13- I most likely have Nebraska ranked a little higher than most folks. Although the Huskers are adjusting to a new offensive scheme and must get a lot more consistent on that side of the ball, I love what they have coming back on defense. No Big Ten team returns more standout defenders than Big Red, and with a healthy Taylor Martinez at quarterback, the offensive numbers should improve.

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Hitting the Hump - NE

Basic spring practice break down feel free to add your comments below.- JL

2011 NFL Mock Drafts, SB Nation Writers: 49ers Select Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska Cornhuskers

Prince Amukamara goes 7th overall to the San Francisco 49ers. - JJ

I'm thinking he ends up with Detroit. -JL

Nebraska Baseball (Why?!?!)

Huskers understand importance of Creighton series

Yes I want to beat Creighton, but what about the state the team is in now? NU has lost 14 straight Big 12 series. What happens next year when NU goes to the Big 10? I'm guessing that NU will make a regional most years as the competition in the Big 10 for baseball is weaker, but never host and rarely advance. Is that good enough? Can you fire a coach that makes the post season most years?-JL

BCS (It's all a good time till the bill comes)

And now for the dirt the Fiesta Bowl can’t pin on its rogue CEO - Dr. Saturday

Aside from even the more damning specifics, though, the really big question is, why was the board so (apparently) clueless for so long? At one point last summer, chairman Duane Woods called the Arizona Attorney General's investigation "a waste of time." A former board member, Bill Peltier, told the Arizona Republic that being on the board was "a hell of a party" for football fans who enjoyed traveling and socializing, and didn't concern itself with seriously scrutinizing finances or day-to-day operations. "[Junker] never was held accountable for anything because the board never functioned like that," Peltier said. "No one ever stood up to him. … There was a slogan that one of the guys coined. He said, 'When you became chairman, you became Junkerized.'"

See Matt's full article for the links.... but again - to emphasize a point - WHAT WAS the board doing? And beyond that - are we supposed to forgive the auditors just because they're Price Waterhouse? - JJ

Fiesta Bowl scandal reminder that BCS system invites corruption - Andy Staples

So why do presidents continue to support the current system? Because unlike bowl directors, some of whom make high six-figure salaries for laughably easy jobs, university presidents make six-figure salaries for incredibly difficult jobs. Football isn't their only concern, so they leave it to their athletic directors and conference commissioners to advise them on such matters. But that's part of the problem. Why? Because if those advisors are ACC commissioner John Swofford or one of 40 FBS athletic directors, they're enjoying a four-day, all-expense paid cruise to the Bahamas courtesy of the Orange Bowl. (Here is the 2010 Orange Bowl Summer Splash passenger manifest, obtained by Playoff PAC.) Why would an AD advise a president to do anything different when the BCS guarantees a massage on the Lido Deck?

BINGO BINGO BINGO! If you read this web site enough - you know I'm not a playoff guy, but after seeing the amount of money that's pouring into the BCS, and the bowl systems, and how badly they're screwing the schools - I'm not a BCS guy either. - JJ

Updated All-Time Heisman Rankings by Program | Heismanpundit

Most interesting item - Nebraska's non-appearance on this during our best decade. I'm not saying that as something against HP - I just think it's interesting. - JJ

BCS conducts shallow probe as party rages on - Dan Wetzel

The Bowl Championship Series wants the Fiesta Bowl fiasco to be seen as isolated. If only that were true...... Dan Wetzel goes off on the BCS, as he is wont to do. He's got some good points, especially the idea that the BCS is hoping you see John Junker as a really bad man who would sell your children (if he didn't eat them first), but that he's the only one that's a problem in this mess. The whole bowl system needs to take a look at itself, and stop paying it's executives as much as they're getting paid. The chances of that happening - close to zero. How long did Junker get on with his charade? For a relatively long time, because the Fiesta Bowl board really didn't give a damn until someone discovered something actually illegal - and that's something that could get everyone in trouble. - JJ